Why are dragons in games so popular?

"Many gamers remember the now-defunct development studio, Factor 5. Among their many achievements was Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for the Nintendo 64, which is still widely considered one of the greatest Star Wars games of all time. It stood to reason that if Factor 5 created a dragon-riding game for Sony's PlayStation 3, the game would be a huge success. To see digital dragons on the world's most advanced gaming console sounded like a dream come true.

Sadly, Factor 5's "Lair" seemed to soar just a little too closely to the sun. The use of the SIXAXIS controller to glide through the air and bash other dragons was intended to be a major highlight of the experience, yet the controls ultimately hindered much of the gameplay, and "Lair" was met with a lukewarm reception. Some say a pair of vengeful, fire-breathing monsters patrol the skies over the now-abandoned Factor 5 development studio, its once proud foundation now an ashen ruin."

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athmaus3319d ago

Becuase a lot of games are set in more "midevil times and that is a common myth. Plus they ae cool :)

Viewtiful3319d ago

True, I just wish they had more Eastern style dragons. Those are even cooler.

Caspel3319d ago

I enjoy Eastern dragons too -- they usually don't have teeth and are more serpent like.

Kyrwolf3319d ago

Ya, got a dragon sculpture on my desk. not sure they've been really well done in games, but if graphically compelling, they can be pretty cool.