Britxbox: Podcast Expansion Pack 47

Britxbox writes: "Another week, another show talking about Modern Warfare 2. You'd be forgiven if you believed we seem to have something for this game, but each week Infinity Ward seems to provide ammo for abuse. So, this week we talk about:

Assassin's Creed 2
Modern Warfare 2's new problems
Borderlands Update
Dead Space 2 information including multiplayer
Spike TV Video Game Awards 2009
Spec-Ops: The Line
Batman: Arkham Asylum 2
Halo: Reach
GreenDay: Rock Band
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
True Crime 3
Game sales of November 2009
DJ Hero

Next week will be the last show of 2009 where the Expansion Pack Crew will be doing a 2009 year in review. If there are any games you wish for us to talk about or anything else related to 2009/2010. Leave a note in the comments."

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