Call of Duty Classic - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: Just over half a decade has passed since its original release, but Call of Duty has been relegated to the retro pile. The past six years haven't been particularly kind, and even with some admirable upscaling COD looks and feels dated. Still, it's remarkable and occasionally amusing to experience how little the series has changed since the first go round on the PC. Swapping between Modern Warfare 2 and COD Classic, some lines got a little blurry, some things drove me crazy, and it all made it that much more apparent why the game was such a rollicking success in its day.

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BadboyCivic3603230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )


Cat3230d ago

I have to say, I did get sucked into COD Classic far more easily, but I think some of that is my stubbornness!

BlindBandit3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Have you guys try playing the game in hardered mode, if not then play it then tell us how was it because the game is freaking hard x2 since there no health pack in Hardered mode. you got to have skills to get the Trophy in COD Classic.

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xxPIETROxx3230d ago

on COD classic personally than MW2.

ticklechamp3229d ago

yeah it was hardest on veteran. no health packs and 2 to 3-hit kills. i started on veteran thinking when i beat it, i would get the trophies for hardened and normal. how silly of me. no, i had to play through the game two more times. i can tell you hardened is much easier than veteran. have fun getting the 'ring the tank' trophy on veteran.

cod classic is a test of patience and how well you memorize where each enemy is located (on veteran). you better know where they are, they will not miss more than 10% of the time. you also need a little luck (maybe a lot of luck). i honestly don't believe there will be too many people achieving the platinum. good luck to all whom attempt this feat.

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