ZTGD Nintendo Wii Holiday Buyer's Guide 2009

Marissa delivers the must-own titles for the holiday season for Nintendo's motion controlled console. Everyone wants one this holiday so make sure you have the right stuff to go with it this Christmas.

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meepmoopmeep3323d ago

i still have yet to get a wii!


ryano232773323d ago

I have one myself and they just aren't worth the money.

Yeah sure if you buy 1, you'll buy Mario Kart, Wii Fit (maybe) Wii Sports Resort, New Mario, Super Smash, maybe Tiger Woods or Tennis and other than that its if the game interests you. (Which are all in the top 10 in sales every week/month)

New Super Mario uses very little motion control. So the FLAGSHIP game doesn't even fully utilise what the Wii is for and I have no idea why you release Motion +, if you can't incorporate that into your flagship game.

That doesn't mean that new mario is bad (its back to old school Mario 3 style) and it plays great, but its not a true "Wii" game, you play it like you are playing a old school control.

Should be flicking the remote to throw fireballs etc.

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