Kotaku: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Preview: Seriously. Come Back Here With My Tank!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a first person war themed shooter set in various locations in and around Russia. The multiplayer uses both custom versions of campaign mode maps and original maps - all of which are tailor made for the tank gameplay. We were told that up to four squads could face off at once in any map, for a total of 16 players in a multiplayer match. Matches are ranked and there's a hardcore mode that removes the kill cam, applies friendly fire, ditches your targeting reticule so that you actually have to use the gun's scope and abandons a lot of heads-up display elements. Additionally, there's an unrevealed squad-based multiplayer mode EA plans to announce later.

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BadboyCivic3603226d ago

I really think this game is going to be great...

WildArmed3226d ago

Aye. really high hopes for this.
But i do hate it when people run around the combat zone to steal the enemy's tank.

chak_3226d ago

cool hardcore mode.

was starting to worry with all those bling bling HUD effects