Take-Two CEO thinks Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC was late to the party

Fielding a question on today's quarterly investors call regarding the performance of Grand Theft Auto 4's DLC double-header and the accompanying retail bundle – The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Episodes from Liberty City, respectively – Take-Two CEO Ben Feder admits, "Both we and Microsoft believed there was a big market for GTA 4 episodic content and some factors affected their performance." Calling the two companies' relationship "a historic, strategic partnership" – remember this? – and calling the episodes themselves "profitable contributors to the company," Feder nevertheless offered some insight into what his company could have done to make them even more profitable.

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Pennywise3321d ago

He said "The Ballad of GUY Tony". Tony might be a guy, but he is gay.

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Saaking3321d ago

It's an expansion to a nearly two year old game that's only one one console. When you EXCLUDE HALF your fanbase you can expect sales to be underwhelming.

-Alpha3321d ago

I'm pretty sure they are aware they excluded the PS3 owners. If sales are lackluster they obviously mean they are lackluster on the 360, not because they excluded the PS3 owners

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Pennywise3321d ago

Hardcore, you just called out the wrong guy. I really hope it is you that wrote this drivel. The following is a quote from your article:

"With the Lost and the Damned released after 10 months of the original, and The Ballad of Guy Tony after 18 months of the original, I guess that the hype for playing these DLCs has worn off."

See the word GUY? You aren't even smart enough to stealth edit your article and you are calling other people names.... Blaze spoke 100% truth about failed journalism. I am just sad I had to give you another hit to prove this. This is what happens when a blogger tries to be a journalist.

Limited_Vertigo3321d ago

Very poorly written article. Why do people with terrible writing skills decide to give the news?

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Mr_Bun3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

"First of all I didn't wrote this..."
Are you sure you didn't "wrote" this? It has the same grammatical prowess as your posts.

The point is, just because someone can pick up a knife, doesn't mean they should pursue a career as a surgeon. The same is true to those who have access to a keyboard shouldn't assume they can "write".

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Pennywise3321d ago

You didn't "wrote"[sic] the article? Then why are you attacking us?

Read the article and not just the headline. Save yourself some embarrassment.

Mr_Bun3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Yes, because that's what the world needs...ANOTHER blog.

Sarcasm3321d ago

I honestly think by having the whole exclusivity deal is what made them lose potential sales.

Someone page captain obvious.

blind-reaper3321d ago

bring it to PS3 and I will buy it, the ballad of gay Tony looks awesome (the lost and damned not too much).

badz1493321d ago

you think?

seriously, the DLCs would of made so much more impact if released within the 1st 6 months after the game released but they fvcked up big time and took longer than what most gamers were anticipating! it just makes sense that the hype for the game have long been down and gamers had moved on to the slew of other great games! time to the market is crucial for competition especially for DLCs like these! they blew it by taking too long! I might as well say, M$ just wasted most of the $50M spent for these DLCs and I can't see them making it back! congratulations to T2 CEO for finally realizing this stupid mistake! no wonder T2 loss a lot!

RedPawn3321d ago

I guess this puts the, "Larger audience talk," to rest.

vhero3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

Would have sold a lot better on a console that's not a shooter lovers console. I think that exclusivity has come back to bite them in the ass now SE AND Take two are regretting going exclusive with MS for money. Didn't work out did it guys?

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immortal843321d ago

these excellent DLCs aren't selling well.

raztad3321d ago

I think T2 is blaming the wrong guy. People wait for years for the sequel of a good game to be released. The problem is that GTA4 was really boring and nobody cares about it anymore.

immortal843321d ago

No man, I disagree with you. GTA 4 was a good game, the game story and gameplay were great. But I don't think that GTA 4 is the best GTA game.

The Ballad of gay Tony is a blast to play. You must try it.

raztad3321d ago


I was talking about GTA4 the main game. GTA4 was the FIRST game I got for my PS3. Huge letdown. I dont know why but I was totally bored midway in the game, couldnt finish it. I think my point is still valid. If game was really awesome, the expansions would had sold better due to higher expectations/hype.

I have heard a lot of good things about both expansions, lets see if I can try them at some point.

rekonizakilla3321d ago

The first ever Gta I couldn't be arsed to complete.
I blame the driving physics and the boring plot. The problem is simple. James Earl Cash didn't even speak, let alone go bowling with his lonely smelly cousin, or down the pub with that rasta dude for a pint. It's not the sims, it's GTA.

jeseth3320d ago

GTA4 was a step back from San Andreas. While Vice City was my favorite, there were serious advancements and features that were sadly left out of GTA4 and it brought the game down.

Not being able to buy property, customize cars (how awesome was cutsomizing a low rider with hydraulics and listening to west coast gangster rap? it was awesome), working out, getting fat/staying in shape, etc. The list goes on.

All GTA4 felt like was a stripped down version of San Andreas with better graphics.

As for the DLC, I think it just came out too far away from the release of GTA4. By the there were other really great games out and people probably just didn't want to revisit a year old game.

Hopefully the next GTA is better and the DLC comes in a more timely manner.

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reintype3321d ago

You would have thought that a game with a 98 on metacritic, it would stand the test of time and be called a "true classic". Unfortunately, GTA4 disappointed alot of people, me included. After the phenom that is San Andreas, GTA4 feels like a step in the wrong direction, and a huge letdown for fans of the series. That's why I think that alot of people have move-on, and could not be bothered to buy the DLCs. I myself along with my friends would not buy the DLC even if it came to the PS3, we are more interested in the new games that are coming.

Another, is that GTA4's DLC exclusivity also hurt it in terms of sales. According to a press release by Rockstar themselves, it sold relatively 50-50 on both consoles. By excluding the other side, GTA4 is effectively being sold to half its customers.

Redempteur3321d ago

while this may be true , a lot of people enjoyed this enough to buy it on 360 .. and the same kind of people exist on ps3 ..yet they were ignored ...

Half the sales they should have done ..

ActionBastard3321d ago

When the GTA4 DLC was announced, it was "the end of Sony". Maybe it's the end of MS/R* deals...

deshon093321d ago

the dlc at a friend house it good but just like gta4 it gets old fast not to say it not good but the hype wore off a long time ago for the dlc