PS2/PSP Emulation on PS3, PSP 4000, and More Rumors

PSInsider Writes: Our source nails another rumor with the PSP 4000 (quoted in the article), and has been nice enough to give us a bit more insider info on the happenings in the gaming industry.

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Blaze9295096d ago

Does Sony NOT want potential PSP buyers to buy a PSP? Like everytime you think the latest one will be here for awhile, rumors yet again pop up of another model. I'm still on my PSP-1000 and very happy with it but it would be nice to upgrade. I just wish I could do so without feeling like an idiot who just bought an apple product :/

PirateThom5096d ago

I still say the 1000 is the best model.

fr0sty5096d ago

just like the DS, DS lite, DSi, and DSXL?

Blaze9295096d ago

Yeah but you don't start hearing about new DS models shortly after one is released. Not so soon enough that is a "oh I should wait instead" thought.

Chris3995096d ago

It was large, heavy and unwieldy. It's drive sounded like a hairdryer. I went through two different exchanges before I got one that didn't have any dead pixels on the screen.

Oh, and the battery life sucked, as well.

The 2000 was a vast improvement, in my eyes. Better screen, extra ram for the UMD drive, video out, slimmer, slicker. 3000 was a turn for the worse, with few added features and an interlaced screen.

I have a Go now, and I think it's brilliant. Screen is perfect, albeit smaller. No noisy UMD drive. My favorite iteration of the device. All you traditionalists can enjoy your UMDs, their cases rattling about in your bag like a child with his Pokemon cards. Digital for me, all the way. Oh, and it's about the size of my Iphone, only a little thicker. That's a pretty impressive feat of engineering in and of itself.

fr0sty5096d ago

I'll take a 4000, I like the larger screen and backwards compatibility with umd's.

heroicjanitor5096d ago

Backwards compatible? Like how the ps3 is backwards compatible with blu ray discs?

fr0sty5096d ago

PS3 hasn't tried to replace it's bd drive and go download only...

Blaze9295096d ago

Probably means the best as far as Custom Firmware goes in which, I agree again.

Shang-Long5095d ago

the 4000 rumor is wuts stopping me from gettin the Go. that and the price

Baka-akaB5095d ago

If it's a custom firmware thing , even then the best are the 2000 first gens . the ones before the motherboard causing issues .

Basically all the advantages of 1000 and 2000 and homebrew combined

Ju5095d ago

@Chris399 can't agree more.

The 4000 might be worth it (they should put a 16G flash on, too, but probably won't for cost reasons). But fix that screen and add Bluetooth. Sounds good to me.

I like my Go a lot, too. The size alone does it for me. Bluetooth is just brilliant. Skype calls with your Go in the pocket and just the head set on. Or DS3 controller playing Pixeljunk Monsters. Only, my PC can't sync to the Go via Bluetooth (that works so great with my Nokia - even incoming calls are reported now), and I can just open a folder on the desktop copying my MP3s to the phone (or manage them via Media Go) over bluetooth. That's the only thing missing. You still have to hook that up using USB.

ThanatosDMC5095d ago (Edited 5095d ago )

I want to play my PSP games on my PS3. I just hope they make it full screen eventhough it'll look like crap.

I'll get myself a Go for portability. It's about the same size as an iphone, right? It should fit in my pocket perfectly.

Noctis Aftermath5095d ago

I first seen a pspgo up close about a month ago and it suprised me, it was a great deal smaller and sleaker then the psp-3000, if it was not for the $400 price tag(Australia) and the lack of games library i would of bought one on the spot.

jhooty145095d ago

where is my awesemo-3000?????????????


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Neo Nugget5095d ago

I'd wait until the 5000 comes out guys.

SuperStrokey11235095d ago

I was thinking that but nah, the 6k sounds so much better still ;)

Noob5095d ago

Around the same time the PSPgo was rumored to be released, so was the PSP 4000. It's just the PSPgo with a UMD, nothing more.

Sev5095d ago

I am sorry but all of this is complete bull.

Seedhouse5095d ago

Have to agree, the quality of the "source" writing makes it sound like a two year old has written it. Hate being harsh, but that entire article is clearly written by one person fishing for hits IMO.

fr0sty5095d ago (Edited 5095d ago )

complete bull, just like psp 4000, ps3 slim, price cut, fw 3.0... yeah. bull. not like I didn't provide links to prove the credibility of the source and all...

SuperStrokey11235092d ago

A typo in an ad somewhere is hardly confirmation of it existing...

mrv3215095d ago

If the PS3 supports PSP games there will be a load more games released for the PSP since now you just increased the users base by 30 million.