The Heavy Rain Chronicles & Collector's Edition announced

Sony has just announced that Heavy Rain will give Heavy Rain a Collector's Edition Treatment with a special "Rain Drop"-Packaging. On top of that the Box will include a coupon for "The Heavy Rain Chronicles" - a set of episodic Download Contents. The First Part will be "The Taxidermist". Moreover Users will get the official Soundtrack and a dynamic XMB Theme for Heavy Rain!

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Hellsvacancy3228d ago

Thats another collectors edition i shall buy next year

iron_sheik3228d ago

UC2 took 2009

i am sure heavy rain will take 2010

blu_yu_away3228d ago

Wow, this DLC is getting ridiculous. The game is still over 2 months away and they are already announcing what they are releasing. I think what irks me the most though is the fact that this "chronicle" has clearly already been worked on. Can't help but shake the feeling that this was intentional left off the disk in order to sell at a premium.