Star Trek Online: Looking At Klingon Gameplay

Following the revelation yesterday that the Klingon faction is almost entirely PvP-based, Cryptic is obviously keen to shed more light on exactly what the game has in store for those who prefer the Bat'leth to the phaser.

As a result, Cryptic has released a heap of information about the race's gameplay. Klingon characters work in the same way Federation ones do, and have access to the same skills, but must level up through PvP because there is not much PvE content for Klingons right now. However, Federation players can also level up through PvP.

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Maticus3230d ago

After reading that I feel slightly better about the Klingon situation. But I never wanted to play that faction anyway. I think those that did will still be feeling slightly shafted.

Leord3230d ago

Shafted is the word for it...

Dorjan3230d ago

I so want to play this but so don't want to have to listen to phasers all day!!!

Malfurion3230d ago

I still maintain the majority of players that were looking forard to playing Klingon will probably not bother with the game at all now. Shame.

Redrudy3230d ago

I think it's a bold move from Cryptic to make the Klingon's pvp-based that I didn't expect.

uzair213230d ago

do they really think they can still make money out of this game?

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