What's It Like On The Other Side?

This Sony Fan Caved And Got A 360.

In the spirit of Gaming Nexus' recent article about seeing the PS3 through the eyes of an Xbox gamer (I'm going to great pains to avoid using the word fanboy in this article) what follows is a review of sorts of the Xbox 360 from the viewpoint of a PlayStation gamer. Read on those of you curious to see what a PlayStation fanman thinks of Microsoft's great white hope.

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Islandkiwi5446d ago

Any story that talks about "switching sides" or "defecting", or the person's worried about how people will view his gaming decision...that's just depressing to me.

As it does when these forums devolve into 360 rulez, ps3 rulez rants. Gamers should appreciate the games, regardless of console.

Sony does get my criticism, but that's from a business/design standpoint. I don't like the direction they're taking. Maybe when the console comes out the games totally rock, and if so, they'll get praised accordingly.

But it is refreshing to see a playstation guy give the 360 a chance and react favorably to it. Let's hope he gets himself some games. (=

Kekkei genkai Kid5446d ago

you think the guy just switched sides in a real war

games are entertainment any console will be fun and great if you got the money for it
most people are happy with just one that does the job

no matter what fanboy you are if you were given the other competitors console for free you will take it so you dont have to shell out for it

BLACKSTYX5445d ago

i thought gamefaqs was fanboy land, i see i was wrong..

Jak4ever5445d ago

Ive been loving my PS2 for so long, and i never thought the day would come when i doubted them. One thing ive learned is that with each new generation the points start from Zero. I refuse (at this point) to spend $600.00
on a console with so many issues surrounding it, so i though id give Microsoft a chance and purchase one for $200.00 (yes $200.00 and so far ive been happy with it, the only complaint that I have is Xbox lives slim contents and its lack of RPGs (I hate FPSgames), but if SONY does end up ruling the gaming world once more.. then im gonna sell my Xbox.. Its really not a bad system though. I can't wait for Mass Effect!!!

Im really hoping that SONY shuts everyone up when the Ps3 comes out.

gamerof3605445d ago

The next-gen console race will be about the same when it all adds wat maybe the PS3 will come out on top but by very little...or maybe the Xbox360 will or Wii...who cares??? i think every1 forgot about the true reason for the consoles-its all about the gaming man, wheres the love? so the way i see it...u fanboys stop dissin the other console and the fanboys who r talkin about the a console.

Jak4ever5445d ago


Im gonna put my Ps3 in Bed With my 360 and close the door.

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The story is too old to be commented.