PS4 tops next Xbox in most wanted future gadgets poll

"TechRadar's latest poll suggests that twice as many readers would like to get their hands on a PlayStation 4 than they would the next iteration of the Xbox"


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Bungie3278d ago

they already got bored and want ps4

cmon it have the best exclusives

Saaking3278d ago

I"m gonna be buying the PS4 day one. The PS1, PS2, and PS3 have never disappointed me and I'm very confident in Sony.

On the other hand, I'm gonna wait a while to buy the next Xbox. After the terrible experience with the 360 hardware I'm gonna stay away for a while and I'm sure many others will do the same. MS mistakes this gen are gonna hurt them next gen.

kaveti66163278d ago

I'm not going to buy either console until 3 years in, just to see what's happening in the scheme of things. For Microsoft I will be checking for reliability and commitment to true exclusives. For Sony I will be checking for online functionality and backwards compatibility.

And both will probably be very expensive at launch. It would be utterly ridiculous if the PS4 was around 800 or 900 at launch. If that were the case, you would know that Sony was ripping you off even if they were losing money on every unit.

deadreckoning6663278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

LOL, I ain't buyin the PS4 until Sony makes good on their promise to max out the PS3. Right now I'm debatating on whether I should save all the money I have for the PSP2. I'll be so cool if I get it. Most people won't even know its coming next year much less be able to afford it. BALLIN!!

WildArmed3278d ago

I aint buying any new consoles for awhile.. PS3 still has more than enough great games to play to last me till '12.

Darkeyes3278d ago

I will try to save for the PS4, but my top priority is to save for a new TV (obviously future 3D).... Gaming is becoming too expensive lol.... Gotta settle down and with the amount I am blowing up on games, I don't tag myself as the best budget handler.... Till date my PS3 has cost me around 2000-2500$... But it was totally worth it...

Hopefully this gen will last longer at least till 2012 and then APOCALYPSE!!!!!

SuperM3278d ago

How can someone rip you off if they lose money by doing it? Say something more intelligent next time pls.

If sony wanted to rip you off they'd do like nintendo, make some cheap hardware and sell it way above production costs. If the PS4 cost 800$ at launch then that would be one hell of a machine. But sony wont do that, they know they have to launch the console at a somewhat reasonable price.

kaveti66163278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

"How can someone rip you off if they lose money by doing it? Say something more intelligent next time pls."

Hey, SuperM.

My comment seems weird unless you think about it. It costs console companies like Sony and Microsoft more money to produce hardware because they create proprietary components such as the CPU, the graphics card, the controllers, etc.

The cost of producing a console is NOT REFLECTIVE of its abilities. For 900 bucks in 2012 I will be able to produce a gaming PC which will be twice as powerful as any console produced in the same year even if it is a Xbox 3 or a PS4. Such is the advantage of open-box hardware in contrast to closed box consoles.

So, as I said before, even if Microsoft or Sony loses money on every console they sell, if they're selling it for like 800 bucks, then they will essentially be ripping you off. If I can make a vastly better machine with the same amount of money, that means that Microsoft and Sony will be ripping us off at launch, and it would be better to wait for the price to drop.

Genesis53278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

OMG! We're going to start fighting over the next generation already? I,m not even done fighting over this one yet

Mindboggle3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Im think im going to do the same for next gen. Im gunna wait until at least 1-2 years and see how things pan out. The launch titles for new consoles are always never worth shelling out top dollar for. Ill just wait a bit for the price drop and added features and see what happens. My Ps3, 360 and Wii will last me until then.

ZombieAutopsy3278d ago

i dont see it being that much, the MAIN reason for the ps3's insane price at launch was because of the blu-ray play and by the time the next generation of consoles come out im sure it will be much much cheaper to produce (assuming that they use blu-ray again). Im not saying they are gonna be cheap but i would imagine they are gonna start off around 400-500$ which isnt bad for a gaming console, yea by then you could build a PC that would destroy them for the same price but the thing is Sony usually only has its exclusives on their consoles so if you want to play them you have to buy it. I too will be waiting about a year though when they launch just to see what all they have to offer.

cmrbe3278d ago

Its just the demand for the next xbox is very low because of the POS that is the x360.

Handhelds_FTW3278d ago

A soldier's battle is never over, until death sets him free.

Sarcasm3278d ago

I'm with everyone else on the whole not buying the next console for at least 1-2 years. I'll milk the PS3 for as long as I can.

badz1493278d ago

there's no confirmed spec for any of them and we're still just 4 years after the 360 launched and we're talking next gen already? come on, there's still a lot of juice left (I think) in current gen consoles and until there are PC games that are leap and bound above the console games technically and become the norm, and looking at current trend of the devs and publishers, I think this gen will last for a little bit more and it will still be awhile before the next gen consoles see the light of the day!

try to think logically here, PC hardwares evolve by the days and benchmarks are raised alongside it. but what other games beside Crysis and S.T.A.L.K.E.R are pushing boundaries leap and bound over what the 360 and PS3 can only dream of running it? not that many, because devs and publishers are now tend to play it safe and cater to the most mainstream approach and currently, it's the least powerful consoles that they're targeting, not the high-end gaming rig!

cjflora3278d ago

All of you people stating "I'll give it the consoles a few years next gen to see how they pan out first." are going to be the ones whining when they buy their 3rd or 4rd generation SKU and it's different than the SKU at launch. "It doesn't have backwards compatibility, it doesn't have this, it doesn't have that. Now I'm angry that I didn't buy it at launch."

Anon19743278d ago

I certainly learned my lesson there. Only the PS3 was worth it. I'll consider buying another Xbox in the future, but only after a certain amount of time has passed. The Wii was a complete waste of time.

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Godmars2903278d ago

We don't even know what features it has and people already want it? Talk about mindless sheep...

The big deal with the PS4/Xbox3 will probably be cloud computing. But if they screw up and remove physical media entirely, something I could see MS doing but not Sony, fully alienating people w/o internet access, they'll be killing the themselves if not the industry.

kaveti66163278d ago

It's a gaming console. It will do typical things. Now we can expect more connectivity and more focus on online functionality. I don't expect Microsoft to make the same mistakes that they made this gen. At least I hope not.

SuperM3278d ago

Well i know it will feature better graphics so thats reason enough to make me want one. Concidering how games look this gen with UC2 and KZ2 it shows that next gen games will actually look like CGI, atleast the better ones.

Godmars2903278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

The PS3 wasn't a typical console. Came with direct HD movie player system and 7 point speaker support. At launch promised game play back to two other consoles plus a PC system OS.

Considering the amount of complaining devs are doing just making high end graphics for the current systems, their lack of ability or want to utilize the Cell, what makes you think they'll even try to do better "next gen?"

Zeal0t3278d ago

This isn't about being mindless... the PS brand never disappointed me. I've bought every PS day one without ever regretting a single penny of the expensive release price. You're right, i don't know what the PS4 is going to be but thats not relevant to me because as i stated above, Sony never disappointed me. So i want the PS4 even without knowing a single bit about it. The PS4 will be day one too... and the PS5 and so on.

p.s. sorry for my bad english ^^

Godmars2903278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Sorry, but yes, its being mindless. When Sony's talking about introducing 3D graphics along with motion control next year to the PS3 partially through system updates, the graphic abilities of the PS3 have yet to be fully explored, looking to the next thing when no details about it have yet to even be rumored is extremely mindless, reactionary thinking. As bad the jerk-wads talking up Natal who have yet to see one actual game and think the camera unit can be installed into the console itself.

Yes Sony's delivered with their products, but that hardly entitles them to a free pass. I say this as someone who bought a PS1 day-one and had it for several years, one PS2 that was literally crap out the box, and a PS3 that died out of warranty nearly two years and over 1500 on [email protected]

DaTruth3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Your PS3 is dead because you were 1500 [email protected]! Never heard my fan do the things it did when [email protected]

P.S: Day one PS4 owner, unless there is a line and then I will wait until there is no line! Look what I got in my PS3! I tried fooling myself with the PS2 and played Oni one time; Off to the mall!

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NYC_Gamer3278d ago

no 1 wants anything to do with that cheap MS hardware/greedy ways

Picnic3278d ago

Maybe it's because their readers know that the next Xbox console is unlikely to be called the 'Xbox 720'? The number '720' has connotations with standard hi-definition. Xbox 1080 would be a more likely name if they stick with a number. They might choose another word instead.

DaTruth3278d ago

Finally an XBOX with Hi-def!

thehitman3278d ago

PS4 BRING IT !!! (Starts saving a nickel a day for the next 4 years).