Diablo 2 PTR 1.13 Top Issues

Diablo 2 PTR 1.13 Top Issues list

Well the diablo 2 community certainly has been active since the PTR went up. Bashiok has given us some guidelines for posting as follows;
• All post should have a subject line that clearly describes the bug or feedback being given
• Use the search feature to ensure a thread doesn't already exist before posting
• When reporting a bug include as much information as you can, including steps to reproduce it if possible
• Any non-constructive posts may be deleted and the poster's privilege to post revoked
• This is a chance for you to ensure the 1.13 patch includes changes and balance tweaks that you think would lead to a better overall experience. Getting the information to us in a clear and logical way helps us understand your view and makes it easier for us to collect feedback for any potential updates to the 1.13 patch before release.

Read what the diablo 2 community manager explained...

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