See the Manchester Cathedral shootout in full

You may have noticed the current furore surrounding PS3 sci-fi shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man, which is under fire from the Church of England for using Manchester Cathedral as a setting in the game without its permission. And you will, we're sure, have read the contentious section of gameplay being described as 'a virtual shootout between rival gunmen with hundreds of people killed inside the cathedral'. But is it really, though?

Well, why don't you watch our movie of the Manchester Cathedral shootout in its entirety and make up your own mind - a heinous crime against God or tempest in a holy teacup? You decide.

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Diselage4736d ago

So this can be the last post about this? There should've only been one to begin with, then had subsequent updates to it.

San anto4736d ago

another duplicate how did this get approved?

Violater4736d ago

I'm pretty sure that was on easy b/c those damn things kept coming for a while and kicked my ass good.

TheExecutive4736d ago

yeah... i just got done beating it on superhuman... that has to be on easy

Antan4736d ago

I was at church last week and i saw the EXACT same thing!!!! There i was singing "The Lord Is My Shepherd" then .....WOW!! man i pulled my futuristic "lazerbeam" gun out then carnage followed!!!!!

Firewire4736d ago

Yeah it was definitely on easy! I wonder where the hundreds of human casualties getting massacred are? Its obvious that that the church didn't watch any of the game before commenting. Also note there is not one religious symbol our anything depicted!

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The story is too old to be commented.