Halo 3 Beta Over, Bungie Says Buy Shadowrun

If you try to access the beta you get a message saying to pretty much go and buy Shadowrun while your waiting. Check out the video of the message of death? Video showing the message at GTHQ

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wolfgang4805d ago

Or better yet : Buy COD 2, COD 3, Rainbow Six Vegas or even Fear instead.

God of Gaming4805d ago

In NO way should anyone buy FEAR just for the online portion. Its ok but nobody plays it. Shadowrun is actually a blast!

VaeVictus4805d ago

Do not buy Shadowrun. Rent it if you need something different to play, but it is not worth $60. My thirst for something new led me to buy this. I enjoyed it for the first few days, but it became stale quickly. With no single player, only 3 game types, no stat keeping and some subpar tech (poor animations, graphics, sound) the game falls short of being a $60 value.

Of a Beta related/unrelated note, EBgames/Gamestop dropped the trade in value of Crackdown to $14 US. You'd be better served to keep it.

neogeo4805d ago

how about i buy a Nuclear warhead and blow up my 360?

Xi4805d ago

since you don't own a 360.

kewlkat0074805d ago

a point there.. Seems like I won't buying "Shadowrun". I keep hearing it different but not enough replay value.

Xi4805d ago

it's good, it's just not finished. It sucks because fasa makes great games, if microsoft wasn't rushing games for windows live, and using shadow run as a test subject for cross platform gaming I think it could've been a good game.

toughNAME4805d ago

has anyone seen the way you climb ladders?

lmao its worse than the Halo 1 style

kewlkat0074805d ago

Shadowrun was the guinea pig for cross-platform gaming?

toughNAME4805d ago

havent played full version but it doesnt seem like its worth the buy

its been getting pretty bad reviews...but im having a blast with the demo

id say worth a rent...achievements seem pretty cool

Odion4805d ago

it scored high then Killzone so it must be good.

lol i couldn't resist

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The story is too old to be commented.