Army of TWO: 40th Day: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 - Screenshot Comparison (720p)

In that screenshot comparison Videogameszone checked the differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Army of TWO: 40th Day. Hint: Click on "Screenshot in HD" to watch them in original size (720p).

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jack_burt0n3228d ago

def some crappy environment textures on a few walls on the ps3 but the lighting is better on the ps3 gives it a natural look, game is pretty ugly tho overall nothing to get excited about.

vhero3228d ago

I agree about the textures but do we really need one (or twenty) of these articles every time a multiplatform game is released? Is somebody trying to prove something? And Do real gamers care?

4point7BillionLoss3228d ago

need to get their teeth whitened and their bodies ripped !!!!

like all the droids on news for PS3 bloggers !!!!