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Where did you guys come with the idea to make an espionage title?

Matt Wilson: I think our big inspiration to develop this game actually came from watching movies. If you pay attention to all of the summer blockbusters there are lot of movies that come out around the spy/espionage genre. Whether it's James Bond, or the Bourne series all the way from Mission Impossible or even TV shows like 24 or Alias, it is a really big genre of information that is out there.

When we were watching the gameplay demo we saw there was a little FPS shooting. Is it an FPS?

It's both first and third person shooting, but the main component there is shooting. One of the things we wanted to do is combine the best of the mainstream action genre. So if think of mainstream shooting games, you know you see a lot of them on the console and on the PC, we really want to take advantage of that and bring a new audience to what typically is a fantasy online world.

After that, we want to take the two [genres], the best of the MMO and the best of the shooter, and combine those to develop something that is new that is pushing the online space forward.

How do characters team up? Do they meet before hand in a lobby or is there a virtual space everyone is hanging out at?

We're going for the world approach. When you log on into The Agency you're logging into our world. In fact our world is the world! We will have public spaces that you can join up with your friends in, do some amount of combat and mini-games.

Once you've joined up with your friends you will be able to go out and do more experiences, more like what you would see typically in cooperative shooters in these instant spaces.

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