60 reasons to own a PSP: part 2

Thought gave up after the first five reasons? Impossible! (All sixty are already written, folks.) Let's not waste any more time. Here's the next five reasons you should own a PSP, courtesy of TCLCloud....

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omansteveo4740d ago

Are you serious? There is only one reason to own a console ad its the games and the PSP right needs them and when it does get them i'll consider a re-purchase

VaeVictus4740d ago

I love playing games on my PSP. I also enjoy watching movies on it when I am out on the road. I utilize a majority of it's functions and abilities. The web browser (though it is SLOW) even get's use on occasion. (While on vacation a lot of the time.)

Dick Jones4740d ago

Shouldnt they have gone with a more believable number like I dunno, two? Well atleast thats two more than the PS3 has right now.

Diselage4740d ago

If you start naming each game and movie that you already own as a reason sure, there might be 60.

Xi4740d ago

it's a playstation, will come up as one of the reasons.

MK_Red4740d ago

Well, I didn't think about most of these reasons when I bought mine. These list are nice and increase my love for PSP.

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