Handhelds drive games market, says Enix chief

Powerful next-generation consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 3 are mismatched to the gaming environment and handheld game devices are set to dominate sales this year, according to the chief executive of one of Japan's leading game developers.

Yoichi Wada, chief executive of Square Enix, said the demographics of gamers have undergone a sea change in the past few years, forcing software developers to shift their strategies accordingly.

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omansteveo4805d ago

Thats why they're sittin in bed with Nintendo right now

ItsDubC4805d ago

There are a number of SquEnix titles coming to the PSP tho.

omansteveo4805d ago

Yeah i know the only ones im really looking forward to are Crisis core and former PSP owner these if these games are ood i might consider re-purchasing but only when the new slim one come out

PS360WII4805d ago

I'm glad they are starting to get a lot more limelight then before. Sure there where always games on the handheld but none that were the must have can only get here sort of games. They were always a branch off or a spin off or something newish. I think Square-Enix is brilliant on putting DQIX on DS. 40+ million worldwide and 17 million just in Japan make it a very viable console to make the true games on. Team Ninja even is thinking handhelds are cool with Ninja Gaiden coming around the bend.
With the interactivy that handhelds can even bring to there respective home consoles is growing bigger and bigger. Handhelds are great and I hope they start getting even more must have only on here titles.
It's only time before MS sees how great handhelds are and they either make the Zune a game player as well or they make an entirly new sku. I'm sure it would be more in the lines of a Nintendo handheld than that of a Sony handheld just for the reason of what handhelds are meant to be. Gaming.

BubblesDAVERAGE4805d ago

Thats where it is far as wat u want playstion need to get more RPGs aond games like monster hunter on psp

GoLeafsGo4804d ago

I guess that means Kingdom Hearts Next will be migrating over to these handhelds..*cries*