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Critical Gamer Writes: It is finally the latter half of 2009, and all signs are pointing to the beginnings of a broad economic recovery. Many businesses are starting to once again show profitable numbers, with, apparently, Canada leading the way for the G7 nations due to our supposed "consumer resiliency."

All of this news would be reassuring, of course, if not everyone around me was entirely jobless. Both friends and family– and not just drunken cousins, but honest, hard working folk like my parents, as well.

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scruffy_bear3323d ago

On all of us, glad it's starting to end

unknown_gamer3323d ago

Yeah glad it's coming to a end

Timesplitter143323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

I personally didn't feel any difference at all. It was hyped up way too much.

Hearing them talking, you would've tought we'd all be in the streets, wearing old ragged clothes and lining up for our daily bowl of soup right now. But in the end, the recession was just virtual.

Darkstorn3323d ago

I know quite a few people who lost their jobs, actually. We're not out of the woods yet, but things are definitely looking up.

Timesplitter143323d ago

It's not like people lose their jobs ONLY during recessions

Pumbli3323d ago

Timesplitter14 - Hyped up too much, maybe in America.

The entire banking system of my country crashed, the economy went back to how it was during WWII and one of my friends (a single mother with a two year old daughter) took her own life after she lost all her savings, her house and her car when the banks went down.

Most of my friends lost their jobs, and it's been hard on me and my folks too. I was not born with a silver spoon up my arse, I was rased on a farm, I can only thank myself for my English knowledge and my parents didn't find the best jobs ever when we moved to town.

Everything is falling apart here, and it's getting worse with every month that passes... Prices are skyrocketing, gas prices have risen to horrible levels and even the church is in a tight spot.

Analysts don't know a thing about anything.

Anyways, that was my message to Timesplitter14, as I found what he said rather insulting.

As for the article, it was a great read. "especially if you’re willing to play some older titles you might have missed on originally." - Anyone who hasn't done this really should, older games like Kotor, Deus Ex or Return to Castle Wolfenstein are timeless. Heck I fired up my old Genesis a few months ago and besides a few sound hiccups the old girl works like a charm, also gives me a nostalgic feeling.

malfesto3323d ago

Things are still pretty bleak. At least amongst the people I know. People with 1st's, PHD's and Masters degrees are all struggling to find work. Less than a third of the people I went to Uni with are in employment.

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Jockie3323d ago

Article reads pretty familiar, despite being across the pond.

KrazyFace3323d ago

We're out of the woods...


Cubes3323d ago

In the middle of a recession Activision decide to put the price of Modern Warfare 2 up to £55. Well done guys! No wonder all those other releases were delayed till after Christmas!!

scruffy_bear3323d ago

Well it didn't hurt sales of MW"

unknown_gamer3323d ago

Activision got away with it and they do it again

raztad3323d ago

I still need to play Half-Life 1 and Red Orchestra Mod was awesome back in the day. I'm tempted but I'm not familiar with steam. I guess I need to install something.

Timesplitter143323d ago

Your intellectual abilities are surely broken

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