EDGE review scores

The scores from the latest issue of EDGE magazine (210) have been released.

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Valay3322d ago

There's a lot of low scores there, but many of them are actually deserved like Wheelspin, Tony Hawk: Ride, and Avatar.

GWAVE3322d ago

If people actually based their game purchases on EDGE's scores alone, they would have bought merely three or four 360 exclusives over the past several years.

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bjornbear3322d ago

You just insulted a big number of N4G members, and 360 / PS3 fanboys alike ;)

PrimordialSoupBase3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

It's a UK mag with an industry focus. Twelve year old American retards tend to stick here on N4G, and discuss things they have absolutely no comprehension of.
A lot like you.

Perjoss3322d ago

"Edge is the most ridiculously biased 360 fanboy magazine"

EDGE are much more biased in Nintendos favor than anyone else, but yeah, they are a bit unfair to the PS3.

gaffyh3321d ago

Edge have the worst review rating system in the world. Anything that actually deserves a high score get's an 8 e.g. PJ Shooter, anything that is hyped up to sh*t gets a 10 even if the game is crap.

Kittenz3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

"Anything that actually deserves a high score get's an 8 e.g. PJ Shooter, anything that is hyped up to sh*t gets a 10 even if the game is crap."

They gave UC2 a 9, Demons Souls got a 9, LBP got a 10. Stupid over-hyped LBP

edit: Oh, and they gave MW2 a 9, guess that game wasn't hyped enough.


Anon19743321d ago

SMG did comparison piece where they looked at several of the more well read publications and had a look at their review scores on exclusives versus average scores to see if there was any bias apparent. Edge had the worst anti-PS3 bias of any site they looked at.

Check it out.

aaaaaah...plug, plug, plug....

gaffyh3321d ago

@kittenz - Exactly, the games that are overhyped get better review scores. Although some overhyped games deliver, I mean how can you give UC2 a 9 and live with yourself when the game won GOTY pretty much everywhere, and some don't.

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Myst3322d ago

Hmm, avatar still looked interesting from the GT review. I'll probably rent that today and test it out for myself, here's to the last day of exams!

Valay3322d ago

Hmm. I haven't heard many good things about the console versions of Avatar, but I've yet to try out the game myself.

Myst3322d ago

Eh it's to late now, I decided to rent Uncharted 2 :/

Perjoss3322d ago

I saw Avatar running in HMV today, I'm sure overall its a steaming turd but it did look quite graphical, it was a jungle level that I saw.

Timesplitter143322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Pretty unimpressive bunch except PixelJunk Shooter which was amazing

starvinbull3322d ago

Couldn't agree more. There's clearly gonna be at least 2 expansions though. Interesting to see what more they can add.

thereapersson3322d ago

Wow, I didn't expect that from EDGE. Congratulations to Q Games for yet another downloadable WIN!


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