PS Home Announces 10 Million Users

Sony's PlayStation Home trumpet is blowing as the company announces that 10 million users inhabit the virtual world.

This revelation coincides with the release of two new Home spaces, one for Uncharted 2 and one for Ratchet & Clank 2. Sony no doubt hopes developers other than first-party flock appreciate the value of displaying their game in PlayStation Home.

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Myst3316d ago

It's funny because I just logged in there after what a three month absence?

I shall celebrate by buying a hat!

Noctis Aftermath3316d ago

I want to check out PS Home, but the amount of data i have to download to be able to use it isn't worth it, i left it downloading for 30min on a 8mb line and came back to find it at 3%, F that.

Myst3316d ago

Yeah I've had my bouts with home as well, I admit I turned it off that same day I was having trouble with my connection and didn't look back.

nix3316d ago

good for Home.

i only go there occasionally. i might have to try out that new game thing they've got. racing plus shooting. only if i can stop thinking/playing Demon's Souls. q:

jut4203316d ago

I logged in for the first time in a couple months last night because I wanted to check out the new addition they made: Sodium. I played the training to be a fighter pilot and I had a lot of fun with it. Sure it's simple, but trying to improve your rating will make you want to come back for more. I know I plan on going back to check out more of Sodium. Hopefully I can get some Live player battles going on, it was just too late to explore last night and see what else Sodium had to offer.

DrWan3316d ago

The training sucks, play the real tank battle, u can upgrade ur ship

ColossiSlayer3316d ago

than other consoles avatar systems. Yeah Mii are nice u can use them in game. Avatars are are cool you can play a couple games with themand dress them up. But only Home allows you the level of interaction achieved that is mndboggling sometimes with the mini-games and ever larger full on games withing Home. You have game launching for damn near every heavily played onlne multiplayer game, a 10 screen theater, bowling alley, pool as well arcade machines littered all throughout Home. I for one visit Home often and have quite a fondness for Killzone Attire. All I want is face mapping for my Homie, but I think EA may have that patent wrapped up somewhere in there basement...

3316d ago
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