Consumers Drive Record Sales of HD DVD Players to Capture 60% of HD Set-Top Market

HD DVD Achieves Highest Attach Rate of Any Next-Gen Format.

Three weeks into its aggressive spring retail and marketing campaigns, the North American HD DVD Promotional Group today announced HD DVD is significantly ahead in the dedicated consumer electronics player market with 60% of all high definition set-top players sold. At the same time, high definition movie sales for HD DVD reached an all time high for the month of May, exceeding 75,000 movies the last week of May alone.

Consumers have purchased 150,000 dedicated HD DVD consumer electronics players which are holding a 4 to 1 movie attach rate over competing formats. The Toshiba HD-A2 model has also reached the top-seller mark among all DVD players on, and is officially the best-selling next-gen DVD player model to date.

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Torch4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Note source: HD-DVD Promotional Group.

(Notice that the word "Blu-Ray" isn't even mentioned?)

Bill Gates4740d ago

Yes, indeed my friend. You too think outside of the box. HD-DVD at the moment is gasping for breath. Panic is beginning to set in.

Keyser4740d ago

Exactly Torch because that means 40% of the stand alone players are bluray which is remarkable considering hddvd's head start. It sounds nice but its marketing statistics.

There lies, there's dam lies, and then there's statistics.

Diselage4740d ago

At first i was inclined to believe this was just an fake report or something but hey they don't say their ahead in disc sales just hardware so they might be. Not sure if they count the PS3 as a player or not because if they don't that would be a mistake.

SaturnTo4740d ago

They are refering to Stand alone players only, and the PS3 is not a stand alone player. PS3 is why blu-ray is ahead in disk sales.

scarlett_rg4740d ago

Be sure to buy lots of stock then...

VaeVictus4740d ago

We can't forget to mention that Best Buy and Circuit City give away 5 HD DVD titles with the purchase of an HD DVD player. Do they count this?

omansteveo4740d ago

Dude don't, we've already heard that argument it goes both ways

redmamoth4740d ago

..doesn't count as a set top player... I think it will be a while (if ever) that one format wins.. Totally agree with Torch though, definate promotional blurb, and I strongly suspect the 5 giveaway titles are included, they have to be accounted for somehow..

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The story is too old to be commented.