FF13 sales behind FF10 & FF12 - the reason for a 360 release

Final Fantasy games traditionally sell around 60% of their lifetime Japanese sales on the first day. This is the case for FF10 and FF12. If FF13 follows this trajectory, it will be the smallest selling mainline FF title in Japan for years - but it's not all bad news.

FF13 still has an impressive accolade to its name - the first third party console game to sell a million copies in Japan - and if anything, these sales figures illustrate clearly why an Xbox 360 version of the RPG was needed for the West.

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AP3226d ago

You can put Lightning in 'shooter' mode, at least. Maybe that'll confuse some people. :p


This article fails in SO many ways

No1: This game was lunched on the PS3 which is significantly more expensive then PS2 - that affects sales

No2: Which means less user base - which again affects sales

No3: FFX and FF12 sold those figures at the end of the Week NOT in one day!

No4: FF13 retail cost is far more expensive then most others Games so taking that into account its success on day 1 alone is AMAZING

Udidntlistenpunk3226d ago

I have yet to be impressed by FF13.

Uncharismatic characters and what seems to be a dull storyline (I hope the real surprise in the story is yet to be revealed).

I was also very unimpressed with the locations and the settings.I was only impressed by a very short shot in the trailer with the dinosaurs in what appears to be a gigantic canyon with a flowing river.

I think FFVERSUS13 has always be meant to be the true final fantasy.

Myst3226d ago

More revenue for square that will help fund other projects is good in the long-run.

Btw - AP When do you get your copy?

mikeslemonade3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Nope the reason why the sales are low because they are making it for the 360. If they didn't make it for the 360 then PS3 sales would be higher and it would sell more. Remember there are many 360 owners who were going to buy a PS3 for Final Fantasy but ever since that shocking E3 annoucement that isn't the case anymore.

mint royale3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )


True. Giving the game to more people in the west is a good thing. More people can see its greatness. IMO its quite selfish to think it should be exclusive (unless you are convinced it will affect the quality of the game.)

Having said that the ps3 (superior) version will still heavily outsell the 360 version.

I don't understand your point. Wouldn't the sales just become more numerous on the 360 instead?

Marceles3226d ago


But it's exclusive in Japan, so I don't see how it makes any sense since it's not even out in the territories that are having a 360 release.

Noctis Aftermath3226d ago

I will wait for media create numbers before i jump on the "FFXIII japan sales are a disappointment" shortbus, this article was pointless.

AP3226d ago

RE Nuri: More revenue is always good. Square Enix Japan sent me my copy direct. :)

starvinbull3226d ago

It has more to do with consoles in living rooms than anything else.

1/4 PS3 owners buying it on the first day is pretty unbeatable

Myst3226d ago

@mikeslemonade -

Mint Royale and Marceles have pretty much explained it so no need for me to :)

@AP -

Will be intercepting that shipment then :)

fishd3226d ago

"FF13 has managed to shift 1.1 million copies of the game in 24 hours - while Final Fantasy X managed to sell almost 1.8 million in its first week, with 1.4 million of those being day-one preorders."

First day Vs first week,LMAO

Sony is doooooooooooooomed!!!oneonehec keventwo

CrazzyMan3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Okey, 250k difference is soo big problem, when game launched on 4M userbase in Japan vs 4.7M on PS2 on FFX release.


SWORDF1SH3226d ago

It feels like this article's tone was decided no matter the out come of the FF13 sales.

The author seems pretty urgent on making this story so soon on unoffical data.

I wish we could stop this type of news on here.

KruLLit3226d ago

It didn't sell more because of the shortages. It's sold out everywhere.

Kain813226d ago

1 Mio. Final Fantasy XIII in Japan verkauft

18.12.09 - Square Enix gibt bekannt, dass von dem Rollenspiel Final Fantasy XIII Click Picture 1 Mio. Einheiten am ersten Tag der Veröffentlichung in Japan verkauft wurden. Das Spiel kam am 17.12.09 in den Handel, Hardware-Bundles sind in dieser Zahl nicht enthalten.

Damit ist Final Fantasy XIII Click Picture der erste Titel, der die Millionengrenze in so kurzer Zeit in Japan durchbrochen hat. Die Auslieferungsmenge an den Handel lag indes bei 1,8 Mio. Einheiten.

IN english (Google translate)
1 million sold in Japan Final Fantasy XIII

18.12.09 - Square Enix has announced that were sold by the RPG Final Fantasy XIII Click Picture 1 million units on the first day of publication in Japan. The game came on the 17.12.09 in the trade, hardware bundles are included in this figure.

Thus Click Picture Final Fantasy XIII is the first title that has broken the million mark in such a short time in Japan. The delivery volume of trade, however, stood at 1.8 million units.
Eine bessere Übersetzung vorschlagen

Christopher3226d ago

How can you compare game sales of a game releasing to a console install base one-half the size of the other two games being mentioned?

zeeshan3226d ago

I just had to report this as a lame story. Really, the article is pretty pathetic. A desperate attempt to gain traffic by misguiding the readers. I hope other people also report it as lame.

Skip_Bayless3226d ago

Other than the pretty menus this game has, the game looks average. Multiplatform sucks. There's a reason why JRPGs are always exclusive. The game look like FF12 HD instead of a current generation title.

badz1493226d ago

the article is saying that selling 'just' 1.1M copy on day 1 is the reason for releasing on 360? are you fvcking kidding me? being a multiplat was confirmed last year and how's today's sale figure could have possibly drive the decision made by SE more than a year ago?? that's it, this article is too stupid! why the hell did people approved this? WHAT A WASTE OF BANDWIDTH!

gaffyh3226d ago

fishd speaks the truth.


kewlkat0073226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

****************************** ****************************** * ***********

1. Is it fare to say Square-Enix does not release a CORE Final Fantasy game unless the user-base hits about 4 million? It took the PS3 3 years in Japan as opposed to the PS2.

2. With a User-base at around [20 million] Final Fantasy XII was going sell great or break records regardless.

3. [Final Fantasy X] is more in line with [Final Fantasy's XIII] release based on the Japanese user-base but it was released 1 year/3 months and the PS2's install-base was already past 4 million, unlike the PS3, which just past 4 million after 3 years.

The PS3 is behind in Sales momentum if you compare where they were at after the first year. Square-Enix is not stupid. With everything that has gone on we are not in the same situation as we were [MARCH 2000], when the PS2 came out.

***************************** ****************************** * ************
What's the Install-base when these games DEBUT? [Pretty Close Estimates]

[PS2]-Final Fantasy X - 68 weeks after PS2 debut (1 year & 3 months)
Japan PS2 Install-base=== 4.6 million

[PS2]-Final Fantasy XII - 312 Weeks weeks after PS2 debut (6 Years)
Japan PS2 Install-base=== 20 million

[PS3]-Final Fantasy XIII - 156 weeks after PS3 debut (3 years)
Japan PS3 Install-base=== 4.02 million

CrazzyMan3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

you only forgot to add, that PS3 cost 60,000 yen in Japan!
And then for 2 year cost 40,000 yen, while PS2 only launched at that price, and within year got a 30,000 yen price.
PS3 got 30,000 yen price only after 3 years. And since the mass market price(29,990 yen), PS3 was outselling Wii in Japan almost WHOLE Autumn.

nycredude3226d ago

These articles are completely misinformed and another BS article in the pile of BS articles on N4g. Sigh. There are only 4.2M Ps3 in Japan right now! 1 million sold in one day not counting not counting bundles! And this somehow is spun into a bad thing and that Square NEEDS to make this multiplatform? Give me a break. It will Prob get close to 2M by year end and sell tons of consoles. And it isn't even available to the rest of the Ps3 crowd yet. Duh. Retards.

vhero3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Wow they really going down this router eh?? I mean the reason no ore than 1 million sold on day 1 is because everywhere is SOLD OUT! How can you sell a game that isn't in stock?? also at @kewlkat007 the install base obviously has something to do with it.

DaTruth3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Lately I see you getting pissed off a lot at the state of Journalism on N4G. N4G is just a reflection of the state of journalism in the world(example: Israel vs. Palestinians).

Try not to let this stuff eat at you. There are enough stresses in life as it is!

Try considering the world as a bunch of retards. When they do something weird or screwed up, nobody says anything to them and goes about their day like nothing happened. If a retard swears at you, do you bother to swear back?

You'll laugh it off and it will roll off your back like water off a rain coat!

DaTruth3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Did they have 250,000 Lightning PS2 bundles with FFX and FFXII games that are not counted in the tally and sold out on the first day?

eagle213226d ago

Pointless BS from the booger green chain gang! :)

ThanatosDMC3226d ago

There were a lot more PS2s in people's hands when FFX came out.

Perjoss3226d ago

@ mikeslemonade

The 360 is barely on the radar in Japan, how could it affect the sales of what is potentially the biggest RPG since FF12. One of my theories is that PS3 owners split their cash between bluray movies and games, leaving them less cash for games. This is the only thing I can think of that is hindering PS3 games sales.

Sarcasm3226d ago

This further proves my theory that gamers' IQs have dropped since November 4th 2005.

TheDeadMetalhead3226d ago

...And the endless spinning continues.

Expect 3 more articles like this, along with about 10 "Sony r doomx" articles within the next four days.

N4g_null3225d ago

We will finaly get to put this baby to rest. No one cares about day one or week sales because the simple fact is it has not been released to the world yet we all know japan loves ff yet adults also know japan was hit hardest by the recession. We also know the ps3 did not do ps2 numbers

of course due to many reasons.

Yet the story here is will an xbox onwer buy a ff game lol? There sure hell is a difference in gears and halo and cod to ff. We get to see what type of gamers we truely have so that devs can get ready for the next gen.

I can not wait! It's no use in trying to predict it also gamers are not that logical and If the game some how looks better on the xbox we all know which one will sell the most. Also it would interesting to see what would happen if this was on the xbox in japan.

Solidus187-SCMilk3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Didnt it sell around 1.1 million in one day? If it did then thats really good for any ps3 game, especially for only being released in japan where there arnt many ps3s. One million in one day, and it hasnt even released to the other 50+ million PS3/360 users. Its starting pretty good.

scissors- I have both X boxes and ive bought FF games before. I have FF 7, 8 and 10 but that was before I ever bought the xbox. DOnt know if ill buy FF13 but ill get the ps3 version most likely if I do.

CWMR3225d ago

-Those are fantastic sales considering the install base of the ps3 in Japan.-

SilentNegotiator3225d ago

And with today's Japanese Economy, we can TOTALLY compare these things to then.

OR, this is just another TEH SALEZ xbox fanboy trying too hard.

It's already sold about 1/3 of the Ps3's install base in Japan, nutcase.

Valcore013225d ago

Like the reason it "only" sold 1.1 million is because they only shipped that much. It sold out on its first day!! I am betting its going to sell out again as soon as they get more copies in.

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LeonhartX3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Are you on cracks ? i mean come on really you're comparing day one sales to first week sales it can still do like 1.8 million first week ehm... flamebait article anyone ?

Marceles3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

"FF13 has managed to shift 1.1 million copies of the game in 24 hours - while Final Fantasy X managed to sell almost 1.8 million in its first week, with 1.4 million of those being day-one preorders."

LMAO @ this sentence


I gotta laugh even harder now..."FF13 flies off the shelves!!.....but it's a flop. that's why it's coming to the 360." Make up your mind AP

Lucreto3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

He is also forgetting that Japan has just come out of recession unlike the boom that was around for FF X and FF XII.

thereapersson3226d ago


Even comparing the first-day sales, they're not too far behind FFX's. However, how can anyone reasonably create an article based off the logic that because day-one sales are less than week-one sales (NO SH1T, SHERLOCK, a multi-platform release is required?

Again, day-one vs week-one attempted direct sales comparison... WTF?

rextyrann3226d ago

useless article. bad journalism and kinda stupid reasoning...

whats wrong:
1. comparing day sales with week sales
2. not considering install base of ffx ffxii
3. not considering the possible ps3 hardware sale surge that will be caused by ff13

he should check his statistics thoroughly first before posting crap >_<

bjornbear3226d ago

good point.

Whom ever disagree'd with you, well, shame on him/her/it

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venum3226d ago

Am I wrong?

1. It's weird to compare one day of sale with one week of sale.
2. what was the number of PS2 installed when FFX and FFXII were released ?

I can't see the point of this article.

likedamaster3226d ago

80-100 million worldwide. No excuse. Multi or bust for the West, playstation just doesn't have the install base it used to.

DigitalAnalog3226d ago

Last I checked, the game costs USD$93 dollars. F*cking impressive feat for a game that nearly costs 2 times the amount of a normal game. Idiotic article really.

-End statement

RememberThe3573226d ago

That is a damn good point. But, whats the average game coast the Japanese gamer?

Myst3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Well from what I've learned in my Japanese class is most college students over in Japan have their tuition paid for by parents, and many either stay at home or in a dorm. So by stating that it'd be rather easy for them to gain a lot more money than say a U.S. student who has to balance most if not all of the costs of college.

Now for those who aren't in college I don't know. I could probably find it in the book right now, but I have an exam in that today so I don't have much time :p.

Anyway, their games are generally much higher than ours, especially if it has a name that carries it. Not really surprising that this one is high.

Lucreto3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

@Nuri- It has some similarities here in Ireland as well.

The Government pays most of the fees and usually the final €1,000 are paid by the parents. If they can't pay there are grants for it to be paid if the family income is less than €50,000.

So you can guess I have a few quid for myself.

Myst3226d ago

Lucky, over here in the U.S. Some of us college students barely have a dollar to our names.

lonestarmt3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

just got back from visiting Japan so I can answer this. Most games cost about the same in the west. Big difference though is the games get cheaper fast there, however big releases like Monster hunter, Yakuza, or really any SE game they charge around 90 for a while to max profit. Since most Jap sales come from when they first are released they have to charge more to make up cost for big games. Shoot Dragon Quest 9 on the DS they charged 75 for! A freakin DS game!

TapiocaMilkTea3225d ago

One word is show how pointless this article is: Recession

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