Dead or Alive: Paradise: These Screenshots Are Really Sexy

There have been released some new screenshots/artworks of Dead or Alive: Paradise. And they are sexy, really.

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Blaze9293936d ago

i feel sorry for anyone who actually spends money on this title. sad

Erotic Sheep3936d ago

It saddens me more they had to turn one of the best fighting games into some volleyball fest :<

Hellsvacancy3936d ago

It saddens me how this kinda article will end up hittin 1 billion degrees

S M N3936d ago

it saddens me that i need 5 minute rest

pimpmaster3936d ago

it saddens me how you guys are suprised.

Redempteur3936d ago

considering that's the 3rd or the 4th game like this ..i guess they ( those who buy ) are happy ...

AKNAA3936d ago

it would sadden me if this series doesn't come on the PS3 soon...

hay3935d ago

It's a must have! Think again...
As I love DOA series, the idea of Xtreme Beach Volleyball and this thing is apogee of retardation IMO.

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Pozzle3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Meh. Are the screens really that sexy? They just look like every other DoA volleyball screen from every other DoA volleyball game. It look sliek a case of "been there, seen that".

Dignan3936d ago

I wish I was a bicycle seat.

Sitdown3936d ago

you were an inanimate item that people use for the sole purpose of sitting on? Okay...well I guess if it works for you.

DiffusionE3936d ago

Nothing against digital babes, but I prefer real life ones. :P

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