DICE promises to diversify with new projects

EA's DICE studio is looking to diversify its output away from its best-selling Battlefield franchise in order to continue producing titles it can remain excited to work on.

Although Electronic Arts is known for producing regular updates and expanding IP onto every major format, creative director of DICE Sweden, Ben Cousins, has told that the studio is looking to create something entirely new that fills a gap in the EA portfolio.

"One of the things that DICE needs to do is to diversify away from Battlefield because, although Battlefield is tremendously successful and will continue to be so, I think the studio needs something fresh and interesting," he revealed.

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Diselage4739d ago

You mean they know how to code for something that isn't looking down a barrel of a gun? I don't believe it, prove it dice.

omansteveo4739d ago

Yeah i know what you mean and after Battlefield 2142 im done with them and EA.

sak5004739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Whats wrong with BF2142? Been playing it ever since it came out last year. Even bought the expansion Northern Strike. One of the best and visually impressive online squad based fps around.

InMyOpinion4739d ago

Give us Rallisport Challenge 3. Please!