A Microsoft Fan's Positive Outlook at the PS3

From Gamingnexus.com : "After Sony's press conference last month there was a lot of bitching and moaning across the great World Wide Web. People far and wide bemoaned the high price of the system, the new controller, the dual PS3 configurations and the lack of quality games that Sony showed off. I might have even kvetched a little bit of it myself but after a few weeks of sitting back and looking at the situation it's really not as bad as the internets have made it out to be."

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achira6552d ago

nice article. everyone who has intelligence knows that the price for this hardware is not high. of course to expensive for many ppl, but the price will come down in a while.

richie007bond6551d ago

You just keep telling urself that and u might just believe it,ps3 is overhyped and overpriced,come on guys just bloodly well admit it u know it i know it the whole dam world knows it,i think its time we woke up and tell sony to shove their beta ray cr@p and bring the console out with a dvd drive,,ooo wait dam there having major problems with the cell not enough good yeilds or something,there having to dump more than half of their yeilds away cause they cant get the dam thing to work right,what a fu@k up

the_bebop6551d ago

And just when you thought is was safe to posts in come the Fanboys, and an Xbox Fanboy also.

gamerof3606551d ago

well i think the PS3 is not over hyped but it is overpriced..and kudos to the person who wrote this its nice to see a xbox fanboy prasin their rivals



PS3 is dire.

only a blind fool would think otherwise.

andy capps6551d ago

Didn't know you were a part of the psychic network. Please share with us, Grand Master, of your insight regarding a videogame system that you are sure is doomed to failure, yet has not even been released yet.


i said it's dire, not doomed to failure.

Though PS3 is doomed to failure.

Now i said it.


The cost, the game costs, the blu-ray unpopularity, the developer problems, the lack of quality launch titles. The technical problems of the PS3, sony's attitude to gamers, lack of unified live service...

zypher6551d ago

your COMMENTS are completely opinionative, and as such are doomed to be incorrect. why? because the opinionative-ness of your comments is based exclusively on your preferentially fanboyish opine. only when you have absolved youself from this way of thinking will your COMMENTS merrit any validation. PS3's cost, blu-ray's unpopularity, its lack of quality launch titles (looking better than the 360 did 9 months ago), sony's attitude to(wards) gamers, PS3's technical problems (this coming from someone who just shipped his 360 off for repairs) and PS3's lack of unified live service (which is grossly incorrect) are ALL based in the realm of personal opinion.

andy capps6551d ago (Edited 6551d ago )

Just to get the record straight, you believe that it will flop and will be phased out within several years ALA Dreamcast, 3DO, etc?

The cost is something that is to be determined whether gamers will buy it after the initial launch quantities are sold out. Everyone knows that the first 2 million units at launch will sell out. The question is if average gamers will buy a console that costs $500-600, or if Sony will drop the price after a few months. Blu Ray has been picked up by almost all the major studios, more than HD-DVD. The packaging and pricing are great ($20-25), I don't know what you're talking about with the unpopularity. The format was just released and there is only one crappy player out that looks better through component than HDMI. It's foolish to judge a format before the PS3 is out and will bring millions of installed users to the Blu-Ray camp.

I don't know what developer problems you're talking about, the ones that I've read of seem to be very happy with the hardware, and are much happier with Sony's developer support this time around. The price of the games hasn't been confirmed yet, but Kaz Hirai stated to expect between $39-59, but was not ruling out the possibility that they could be higher. I highly doubt that they're going to raise the price beyond the competition because the Blu-Ray discs cost $.50-.75 more.

What technical problems of the PS3 are you talking about? The lack of unified online service.. have you been in a bubble for the past 6-12 months? Sony has been talking up it's unified online service for quite some time in mentioning the unified username, downloadable content, online matchmaking, etc. And all of this (minus the downloadable content and MMORPGS like World of Warcraft) is free, the same of which can't be said for Xbox Live.

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shinoff218323h ago

Atleast release a remaster trilogy or something to gage interest. I'd buy it. With that said I'm pretty over superheroes at this point. Infamous is still dope as fk though so it'd be a buy