IGN: Best PlayStation 3 Games - 2009

IGN writes: "This was an amazing year for the PlayStation 3. Killzone 2 came out early in the year and showed everyone that the console was capable of some seriously impressive visuals, and the stream of high quality releases hasn't let up since. Tons of exclusive Sony-published games and a price drop gave the system the kick-start in sales that it needed. Third party publishers also turned out some of their best titles yet for this generation in 2009. But which were the best of best? Read on to find out."

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iron_sheik3226d ago

but KZ2 and UC2 are just the pioneer of next gen gaming

zeeshan3225d ago

Modern Warefare 2 is not and was not and will never be the best of 2009 on Playstation. Where the heck is Demon's Soul? How about inFamous? Yes, Uncharted and KZ2 probably top them all but why the hell do they keep adding MW1.5 aka MW2 in the best of 2009 lineup? As an owner of both the HD consoles, I can safely say that MW2 is there in the top games of 2009 for the Xbox360 but when it comes to my PS3, there are a lot of other games that I rate higher than MW2.

Lifendz3225d ago

Some guy was trying to troll, but he stated there were only 300 people online playing Killzone 2. I know Modern Warfare 2 just dropped, but to think so many people are missing out on this game and not online is crazy!

zeeshan3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Come to think about it, Flower and Fat Princess were some awesome games on PSN (exclusively for PS3).

3225d ago