Gaming Scene in India

Nice article regarding the gaming scene in india.

"In India, computer games are by far the most popular platform for video games. The last few years have seen an explosion of PC game parlours across the country. Avid gamers descend upon these parlours (many of which are illegal), and partake in multiplayer games (mostly team-based shooters) with fellow enthusiasts over networked computers......"

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SuperSaiyan44805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

I highly doubt a country with known poverty and its own goverment taking the mick by using its resoources for weapons instead is big on gaming.

I have been on Live for over 4yrs and have NEVER come across a person from India on there to be fair I hope I dont I cant stand their blasted accent!!

(Am not being racist just in case you are thinking it - I am asian as well just cant stand the accent lol)

EDIT: Hey Bill Gates why dont you dig into those pockets and help them, oh wait your an imposter LFMAO!

Bill Gates4805d ago

You're a PIG, and an oxygen thieve.

sadiq4805d ago

supersaiyan4 ur a dumbass, im from pakistan and pakistan is just the islam of india (once part of same country), and i have indian an dpakistani friends and whenever some of them moved here they came with a ton of scratched and weird looking computer games

Bombomb4805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

Thats like saying there are no "white" people in certain part of Africa... You have little niche gamers all over the world. It may not be humongous, but Gamers are out there. India has a lot of people, as well as China so more chances of Poverty, but not everyone is poor over there. Then again sometimes it makes you wonder what governments are doing to help poverished locations , instead of using lots of money for entertainment. Yeah that question will always rears its head.

kingofps34804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

Yes, more money and more gamers for the benefit and growth of the divine video game industry :)

I dont know what to say but take the topic off SuperSaiyan4's retarded rascist comment.

krackchap4804d ago

supersaiyan u r an idiot.
dont come here and post what your grandfather told u about india 20 years ago.

HundredProofSam4804d ago

SuperSaiyan4 your ignorance amazes me. Ok, back into your cave now.

PS: Its funny; you say you're Asian but your bio says Europe. Maybe it was a typo, or perhaps you were trying to hide the fact that you're racist by saying you're Asian. Asians can be racust too, you know!!