David Jaffe gives status update on his next game

Examiner: After taking a vow of silence in August, David Jaffe has reemerged to give an update on his latest game.

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thereapersson3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Twisted Metal: Black is one my all-time favorite games ever. A "God of War HD" treatment would be more than welcome, especially if they made the multiplayer online instead of just local splitscreen co-op as was in the original game.

I can't wait to see what Jaffe has in store for us!

edit: a disagree already? You 360 stealth-disagree trolls sure do work quickly! ;)

Timesplitter143224d ago

I disagree because I'd take split-screen co-op over online play any day of the week.

Some of us still have physical friends and we don't want to have to send them back home in order to play a game together.

nix3224d ago

yup.. even i'm waiting what game it could be.

he's one guy who's worth a praise for giving us GOW 1.

thereapersson3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

However, if you had read my post all the way, notice how I didn't say JUST online multiplayer. I would like to see BOTH local AND online co-op -- something that is sorely lacking in most games these days.

I'm tired of playing games that ONLY offer online multiplayer because not all of my friends have PS3's. If more games these days offered local co-op, gaming would be a better place (IMO)

Baka-akaB3224d ago

I dont mind split screen co-op but something annoys me with that trend .

They completely forget , in most cases , about people wanting to play locally , but on two different consoles and screens .

I've always hated split screens with the exception of mario kart , so if you can propose split+online co-op , alwys add lan play too .

zeeshan3224d ago

Pretty sure that last E3 (this year's), David said that the next E3 is when he'll be very busy and that he'll be showing what he is doing the next E3. This will be huge news come E3 2010 :)

Skip_Bayless3224d ago

I doubt it's a Twisted Metal game. He's working with a smaller amount of developers. He trying to make a simple/innovative/fun game. That's really what Jaffe's attitude now these days and it's annoying to me. I guess that's how old people think.

SuperM3224d ago

david jaffe basically confirmed it was Twisted Metal way back. but he has later been trying to pretend that he never did because he isnt allowed to announce it yet. Also he has been saying pretty clearly that the game he is working on now is of a much larger size then what they did with calling all cars. He has confirmed that it will be a full blu ray release game.

The chance of the game being twisted metal is 99.9% at the very least. id bet my house on it (if i had one).

thereapersson3224d ago

That's exactly the point I was trying to make

Baka-akaB3224d ago


Yeah , and meanwhile we are basically forced to connect ourselves and then launch an online co-op ... wih the potential and usual hazards of internet connection :p .

Hey now i can see why some starcraft fans will be pissed at SC2 lol .

kaveti66163224d ago

It might even be a small Twisted Metal game for the PSN.

bacon133224d ago

It's gotta be Twisted effing Metal! Twisted Metal 2 and Black were some of the most fun games back in the day. Blowing up the Eiffel tower anyone?

barom3223d ago

Some of what you're saying is true but he never confirmed that the game is going to be a blu ray release. He said the game is definitively large in scope for a PSN game but also left the impression that it was smaller than retail releases.

Anyway I just don't want people to be disappointed should the game only be released on PSN, which just for the record I personally doubt and believe it'll be a retail release.

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Cyberwaste3224d ago

Maybe because there was online multiplayer on twisted metal black for the playstation 2. I played alot of it back then. very fun game.

thereapersson3224d ago

But it wasn't part of the original disc, and not everyone had access to it.

If they made a re-release with an online mode already integrated, it would be top-notch. :)

Taz Yamauchi3224d ago

Mmm lets see!!?? Twisted Gods Of Metal I think

Timesplitter143224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Let it be either Twisted Metal or a new IP. I'd be excited for both because Jaffe always creates great games.

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The story is too old to be commented.