Will Heavy Rain Shatter The Traditional Video Game Mold?

PSX Extreme writes: " We wanted to call Heavy Rain the start of a new "intellectual genre," but perhaps it's more than that...perhaps it's beyond the very definition of the term, "video game."

Quantic Dream co-CEO David Cage isn't quite sure how to label his ambitious project, as evidenced by a recent Destructoid interview. Cage first calls the game a "journey" and maybe "interactive movie" isn't the most accurate assessment of this experience; it's more about constantly interacting with a story."

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RememberThe3573225d ago

Heavy Rain doesn't do things the way other game do things. Shoot Indigo Prophecy already broke the mold. Heavy Rain is just going to build on it.

sam22363225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

A QTE fest.

"intellectual genre"? Since when was pushing a certain button at a certain time concidered intelligent?

Christ, the hype for this movie is ridiculous.