Blu-ray Sales, December 7-13: Potter Enchants Charts

Blu-ray revenue has crossed $79 Million for the week ending 12th December ,2009 . The previous record was held for the week, which saw the release of Dark Knight on Blu-ray last year.

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iron_sheik3323d ago

and some thought that blu ray would take time to surge as top media for home entertainment?

whothedog3323d ago

It's dead I tell you, DEAD! I am going to watch some beta max movies.

Chris3993323d ago

Laserdisc is where it's at. Well direct-download AND laserdisc. Blu-ray is dead man, dead I tell ya. Get with the footure.


iron_sheik3323d ago

oh wait HD DVD is the future. there are 300 000 HD DVD +X360 owners

i am telling ya HD DVD and DD is the future


DrRobotnik3323d ago

Don't you dare sleep the almighty VHS!!! It was the first to accept porn!!!

S = SH!T know you love it.

gaffyh3322d ago

Bruce was right, Blu-Ray is doomed.


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3323d ago
cliffbo3323d ago

this can only help the PS3