Sony Sending Out ModNation Recers Beta Codes

Sony is sending out emails with ModNation Racers Beta codes and "limited" Modnation Racers themes.

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ReservoirDog3163230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Yup, it's true.

Just got mine!

edit: Not to sound greedy but would anyone happen to have a spare code? I'm really trying to convince a friend to get this and I only got 1 beta code. Anyone feel like being nice?

Lou-Cipher3230d ago

1832 MB

Nice, Now Im going to have to put my Final Fantasy 8 download on hold.

Cyrax_873230d ago

Was kinda surprised, this'll be my first beta.

nbsmatambo3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

i got an email that said i got the theme...but does that mean i got in the Beta as well? i would check but im @ college atm

edit: aww man, just got the theme :'(

if any1 has an extra code plz pm me :D

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Awesome, I just checked my email and I got one.

Yay for me! :D


I got a single email that contained a code for both the theme and the beta.

doG_beLIEfs3230d ago

This game is awesome. Very LBP like in customization with choices of size, color, placement, angle. Stickers, engines, suspension, wheels, steering wheels.

The customizations (many are still locked) are nearly endless.

The main world is a circular hub and in the middle you can meet and voice, text chat with other racers very much like a mini home square. All around are separate buildings for car customization, character customization, the most popular cars are shown (not live yet but its there)

Track editor is a breeze and a blast to mess around with. Cart racing physics are perfect for a cart racer. Beautiful graphics, sounds. Lots of silliness going on all around you.

So much more to say but I have to get to bed.

This game is the cart racers DREAM!!!!

Sarcasm3230d ago

Sweet, just got mine's too. Man I've been playing beta games since Warhawk.

There's still one beta though that never ends designated "SOCOM: Confrontation"

NewZealander3230d ago

you have to register your console before you can get access to beta codes aye, oh well just registered it anyway, maybe ill get something in the future.

Redempteur3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

i did everything i could to get into the beta so i have 3 codes ..

so happy

now time to download ..

EDIT : no need to PM me to ask for them .i won't give the others untill saturday . ( i have my reasons ).

*/ goes downloading ...

Look_Behind3230d ago

Downloaded 12% of 1832MB.
Its Mario Kart but you can make your own levels. :P

zeeshan3230d ago

Why do I never get these codes? I mean do you have to sign up somewhere? I am already a member of PS3 community but I never get any email with codes :(

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3230d ago

Maybe your emails from them are being placed in your junk mail folder?

zeeshan3230d ago

Nopes! I wished though! :(

morganfell3230d ago

Got mine. Qore subscribers were automatically entered.

Christopher3230d ago

I've an extra code. Here's how you can get it:

1. Your username must be the same or very similar to your PSN name, which must be in your N4G profile (needed to help prevent people from using someone else's PSN for #3 below)
2. You can't be a newb here (1000+ N4G score)
3. You have to be level 7+ for trophies earned on PSN

If you meet these requirements and want access to the beta, shoot me a PM and I'll forward the code your way.

I'm offering it up this way to someone who actually plays games on the PS3 and will more than likely actually play the beta for more than 15 minutes before deleting it from his or her HDD.

Christopher3230d ago

Just to note, already found a person for the code I mentioned above. Congrats to Cregan4584 who met all of the requirements and who I believe will really use and enjoy the beta.


sorceror1713230d ago

I got an invite to the MAG beta, but I didn't even ask for that and it's not really my style of game.

But I asked for an invite to MNR and I got one! I'll have a bunch of fun with my kids over xmas vacation with this one. Can't wait to get home and start messing with it...

WildArmed3230d ago

Aye got a code.
Gotta love Sony and their free beta send outs.

gaffyh3230d ago

They gave me a code for a theme :(, although I got a beta code from Gamespot.

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TheHater3230d ago

well I got 2 and i want neither of them. I am already getting the game, so might as well give it to someone what is a little iffy on this. Hope the have a good experience and buy the game to support it.
that said, I no longer have any code left. I already gave them both out.

Noctis Aftermath3230d ago

I doubt you still have them, but if you do(or anyone else does) i would be grateful to get a code from you.

Karsghul3230d ago

If anyone has a spare code please think of me : :

whothedog3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Yah! I thought I wasn't going to get one, but than I got one and I was like Yah!

PSH it was just for the Theme, #@%#!
That was disappointing.