Final Fantasy XIII sells 1 Million on First Day

The day it was released has sold 100 million copies of Final Fantasy XIII PS3 exclusive software ? EDIT: The site means to say 1 million. In the Original Japanese webpage it says 100 man which essentially translates as "100 units of 10,000". So the 100 million is a translation error of Google Translate *

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Blasphemy4202d ago

Good numbers considering that they are only 4 million PS3s in Japan.

SasanovaS19874202d ago

thats insane actually...1 in 4? thats an equalent to halo in terms of the attachment ratio...

im sure 2 out of every 4 will have FF13 by the end of the japan that is

Dragun6194202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Glad to hear that Final Fantasy XIII has sold over a million units excluding the bundles on day one. Looks like PS3 is set to dominate Japan.

I bet you Right now Square Enix is wondering why they didn't release Star Ocean IV or any game on PS3 earlier. SE, your in good hands now. Hopefully, next time they have more faith in the PS3 rather than just making games multiplatform. Now, what I'm really interested is how much it will sell on both consoles in both NA & EU territories.


At this rate, I'm guessing that there going to sell that whole 1.8 million units before the week ends forcing SE to restock and having Yoichi Wada never underestimating the PS3.

Chris Hansen4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Prediction for next weeks Media Create numbers:
FFXIII - 1,700,000
PS3 - 350,000

iron_sheik4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

and around 1.5m FF13 copies at the end of the week

great numbers no doubt
yes something like that
although i am expecting 400k -500k ps3s

1m doesnt count the bundles

so 1.2m copies actually

Berserk14202d ago


Saaking4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Hopefully this will show SE where JRPGs really sell.

This game is gonna be HUGE for PS3. I still laugh at people who actually believe the 360 version will sell more.

Godmars2904202d ago

I suspect they'll be 5, maybe even 6 - million before the end of the year.

Mind you probably have to include exports.

eagle214202d ago

PS3 finished 2009 with a bang and won GOTY. :)

qface644202d ago

that's kind of impossible
there are only like 2 weeks left in the year and they only shipped 1.8 million
not to mention they only have 4 million ps3's in japan

Godmars2904202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

I highly doubt there were exactly 4 million PS3 before now.

6m might be pushing it, unless people buy the system to get the game later, but 5m by the end of the year is a strong possibility.

Heck, if one of the other stories is right, they sold 800k PS3 right along with the 1m FFXIII. If they do half as well next week, and the install base before was around 4.5m, that puts them way over 5m. Close to 6m.

Can I have Patcher's job if I'm right? At least his pay check.

3.2 + 4.2 = 6?


qface644202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

before this game came out it was revealed there were around 4.2 million ps3s in japan

for the game to get 5 million in the next 2 weeks is impossible every ps3 owner in japan would have to buy the game for that to happen and i don't see that happening at all

they only shipped 1.8 million where are the other 3.2 million going to come from

vhero4202d ago

I bet S-E are looking at them numbers and wondering why they ever stabbed ps3 owners in the back? 360 sales have been terrible for them and done nothing for the company image. Games like last remnant might have actually done well if it was released on the ps3 instead of the 360 no matter how bad it was. S-E gotta realize most 360 owners prefer shooters over any other genre. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

hatchimatchi4202d ago

i wonder what the numbers are for the rest of asia. I live in singapore and it's sold out everywhere here. I got my reserved copy today but there were literally no copies available to anyone who didn't reserve. Granted, singapore doesn't have a huge japanese population, more malaysian and chinese but still, theres 5 million people in singapore so it had to have sold a few thousand.

btw, the game is awesome.

shawnsl654202d ago

It is safe to assume that we will be getting some gameplay footage of Final Fantasy Versus next year since XIII is done.

Godmars2904202d ago

There are 4.2m PS3 in use in Japan. Because of the release of FFXIII, which sells 1m copies its first day, a further 800k PS3s are bought (likely this includes the 200k bundles that also shipped). What is now the current number of PS3s in use in Japan?

Also see this:
Probably have to wait for confirmation, but that's where I got 800k. Still trying to figure out why you brought up 3.2: we both know not everyone with a PS3 is going to buy the game. Even if its in Japan.

qface644202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

what are you going on about really?

you were saying it was possible for the game to reach 5 million by the end of the year
the year ends in 13 days

where would the other 3.2million copies come from?

Nicaragua4202d ago

The numbers that Godmars is quoting are numbers of PS3 hardware units. He is saying that they have sold 4.2 million PS3's in Japan and FFXIII will probably push another 800k to take the total to 5 million.

He's not talking about copies of FFXIII.

qface644202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

i know what hes talking about
what he was saying earlier was making no sense in an earlier comment
just gotta look at the earlier posts

Nicaragua4202d ago

I did read it all and it made perfect sense to me.

Maybe its you who needs to re-read it ? Or, if as you state that you understood it anyway, maybe you just need to stop making pointless posts claiming things dont make sense when they do ?

qface644202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

3.2 + 4.2 = 6?

this made no sense where was this coming from and what was this all about?
the 3.2 mil i was referring to this whole time were copies of the game
ok what i was posting this whole time was

HE SAID that by the end of this year that is 13 days from now that they will probably sell 5-6 million copies of the game

i said its impossible because there are only 4.2 million ps3's in japan before the release of 13

but he still said its possible for 13 to sell 5 million in these next 13 days

for that to happen everyone in japan that owns a ps3 will have to buy a copy of FF13 and then some not to mention they have to wait for a new shipment of games to be released

so where would the other 3.2 million copies of the game come from???

hes saying that because they sold 800k ps3's just because there are now 5million ps3's in japan hes saying it will/can sell 5 million copies


Skip_Bayless4202d ago

Now where is that Famitsu top 5 most anticipated games that the Japanese want. I know Final Fantasy versus XIII was on there, so expect another huge boost. Japan has the ability to hold 40million PS2s and right now nothing has reached that market share besides handhelds. PS3 can very well reach 20million when this generation is over which is a substantial amount against the 360 who has just sold around that much in America.

Nicaragua4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

If you cant understand whats being said based on the original comments plus what i wrote then you never will, its certainly beyond the scope of my patience to try and spell it out to you any clearer than whats already there.

You carry on not following whats being said and the rest of us will understand it perfectly and get on with our lives.

PshycoNinja4202d ago

More like a yahoo math error. 100 x 10,000 = 1,000,000. dumba$$es.

Guido4202d ago

RPG's sell on the PS3 and they bomb on the 360 unless of course they are western RPG's, then they typically sell ok on the 360. This games fanbase was just getting settled in to the PS platform, shame they decided to waste the time on the 360 with it.

Marceles4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if it sold 1 million on the second day too...if Square can print more fast enough lol

CrazzyMan4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Go Go PS3!

Over 1 mln. in Japan in 24h is just AMAZING!
With bundles probably 1.2M and first week over 1.5M, GREAT!

blackpanther254202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Number of PS3 in japan (as of Dec. 16): 4.2 million
Number of PS3 console sold during release of FFXIII: 800,000

4,200,000 + 800,000= 5,000,000

That is what they are saying. Stop all this yapping about 3.2 million cause it is making you look stupid(not saying that you are). He is talking about the console not the game. Read his comment very well

qface644202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

how is what i said making me sound stupid?
are you seriously going to say that because there are now 5million (estimated) ps3's
in japan that every single ps3 owner in japan is going to buy FF13 in the next 13 days?

the console talk and the game talk are one in the same
you do understand what that 3.2 is referring to right?

blackpanther254202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Qface...let me make it clear

HE IS NOT TALKING ABOUT THE GAME (Final Fantasy XIII). HE IS TALKING ABOUT THE CONSOLE. FORGET ABOUT HOW MUCH FFXIII WILL SELL. he obviously made it really clear in his second comment cause his first one was vague(i see where you could have thought he was talking about the game). He is stating how much the total amount of consoles will be in japan by the end of the year...6 million total is pushing it but 5 million+ total consoles is a good number

1.8 million copies + 3.2 million copies= 5 millions copies of FFXIII
But he is not talking the game....once you let go off that you will see what he is saying check my comment on top and look at the math

DaTruth4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

How will they ship another 3.2 million copies of the game in 2 weeks? That would outdo Halo 3 to a significantly smaller installed base!

Not so much that 5 million people wouldn't buy it, but it would be a logistical feat of insane proportions!

qface644202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

how can i forget about how much the game will sell when that is what this whole thing is about

the console sales were brought up to make a point if it was possible to reach 5million FF13 sales by the end of the year

the console and games sales talk are one in the same

i know what hes saying about the consoles sales
i never said he was wrong about the consoles sales
but the reason he was stating that was to back up his original claim
where he said he expects 5 million in sales from ff13 by the end of the year

he was saying now that there are 5million ps3's in japan its possible
this whole time im saying its not possible for FF13 to clear 5mil

blackpanther254202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

the first comment on this thread was about the amount of copies sold to the ratio of PS3 in japan 4 million

Some people after that stated how much they believed the PS3 would sell during this period cause of FFXIII.
Chris hanson said: 350,000
Iron shiek said: 400-500k

"I suspect they'll be 5, maybe even 6 - million before the end of the year.

Mind you probably have to include exports." That statement could mean anything. that is why I said it is very vague and he made it clearer in his following statement

"Heck, if one of the other stories is right, they sold 800k PS3 right along with the 1m FFXIII. If they do half as well next week, and the install base before was around 4.5m, that puts them way over 5m. Close to 6m."

Then two comments down Godmars feels the ps3 will total 5-6 million at the end of the year meaning the console would have to have sold a god 800,000 to 1.8 million consoles to reach that total. If it does reach the total of 5-6 million then FFXIII in would have to increase in the almost same proportion as the amount of consoles release due to the effect it has on the ps3 right now.

So if anything he is indirectly saying that FFXIII will sell anywhere from another 800,000 to 1.8 millions copies by the end of the year

qface644202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

when you put it that way it makes sense his original comment was about the consoles sales and not the games sales

but at the same time without him actually saying he predicts 5-6 million ps3's on an article about FF13 selling 1mil where other people were predicting FF13 sales numbers
then how could this have not been about the games sales

i admit i misunderstood his original comment
but he also misunderstood that i was talking about the games sales from the beginning

pixelsword4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

That's more than the LIFETIME of ALL S-E games on the 360.

In one day.

S-E, you Effed up.

Nicaragua4202d ago

Kudos to Blankpanther for spelling it out.

qface, try and take a bit longer to read things thoroughly and digest the information before ranting like a tool. That way you wont use up all your bubbles on pointless comments.

vhero4202d ago

Did you know not 1 single JRPG on the 360 has sold over 1 million WORLDWIDE since its launch? FF13 has already beat every JRPG released this gen in its first day.

meepmoopmeep4202d ago

that is quite a lot of games

it would be way more if Square added Eng. subs

himdeel4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

...folks without copies now. I wonder if they can even get more pressed and shipped before the end of the year.

Anyway I wonder if SE was playing it safe only pressing a million copies of the game. Just seems odd they didn't produce more copies of the game that all of Japan has been aching the play.

I'd guess at least half of the people with PS3s there wanted a copy of this game. Just an educated guess considering how loyal the Japanese gamers seem to be towards certain games regardless of console. This game will easily pass 2.5 million by the next batch they ship.

likedamaster4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

"1 in 4? thats an equalent to halo in terms of the attachment ratio..."

Halo sold @ 54% install base, the biggest in history.

Still excellent numbers for only 4 million consoles.

7thNightvolley4202d ago

which no other ps3 will reach.. or has in the past..for day one sales and its only japan .. its gd considering its only 4 mill ps3 users there.. but i dont think any other game will sell at big as this .. thou.. maybe in the future but 1 million in a day.. on a ps3 thats shocking acutally.

Nikuma4202d ago

Sorry but you'd have to be completely delusional to think FFXIII will sell 5-6 million by the end of the year in Japan.

evrfighter4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

SE will start wondering why they don't cater to the ps3 if 360 sales are low.

If the US 360 sales bust open multi-million sales. They will have been proven right from the get go.

Of course I'll be buying ff13 on my ps3 because I don't own a 360. But I fully expect 360 FF13 sales to rival Gears. If that happens. Then that my friends will be the fall of Playstation as other Japanese developers will want a piece of that pie.

If you're a ps3 fanboy, your best bet is to go on a full scale offensive in downplaying ff13. The more people you discourage from buying the 360 version. The better chance you have of not getting japanese dev's seeing $$$$'s when they see 360.


If you're just a gamer. Then this article doesn't mean jack to you and just completely disregard this post.

N4g_null4201d ago

Great numbers but like evr said ps3 fans better back off this game could be the final swan song for the ps3. How you ask? Over 6 million people bought multiplatform games on avg so far on the xbox. I dislike evil ms also but only an artifical embargo by se is happening here. Imagine the sales if this game was pc and xbox released over there.

This is only an effort tohelp Sony save face. If you remember the home console means nothing to a final fantasy gamer. When nintendo dropped the ball ff went to the unproven ps brand. Now we will see if the same happens with the xbox. Yet seriously the mistake was in not making it for the wii yet dragon quest will fix that.

Another problem is the limited copies there will be lots of resaling going on that will hurt future sales. Another thing is no ps3 RPGs or jrpgs sold this ammount ethier. This is japans only hd answer to halo so far. I actualy hate halo by the way. It is also great to see that times have change yet they remain the same. A lot of truth and proof is coming forth this gen.

I really hope ms and Sony do better next gen though. The more they become game companies the more people will buy their systems.

Also stop cheerleading a come back if it happens it happens do you really think xbox owners even care most of them are ex pc gamers. Just look at what sells on them and if ff does not sell on the xbox this will be truely confirmed. Yet if it does then the ps3 is pretty much done because nothing on the ps brand is bigger than the ff fan fare. Hey what do you expect if you follow the devil then you should expect to go to hell. Hd gaming is a great idea for adults who have money not true hardcore gamers like people in grade school, college doesn't count because of the work load.

Sony was much better when they where different from ms. Or maybe ms copied Sony lol. Any way there is no reason why they are even close. Ms obviously made more new fans than Sony this gen that is clear.

raztad4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )


I wasnt interested in this thread at all, not even in the game itself, but this piece really cought my attention:

"Then that my friends will be the fall of Playstation as other Japanese developers will want a piece of that pie"

How would it mean the demise of the PS? all previous third party PS exclusives games are multiplat by now and Japanesse developers/publishers are catering the xbox audience. SE itself has more than one game exclusive on the xbox, Sega is having its next JRPG multiplat, Namco had Tales of Vesperia exclusive for a while on the xbox but still the PS3 is here. How can FFXIII change that even reaching those highly optimistic sales? are you expecting PS3 owners no to buy the game at all?

FACTUAL evidence4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

look at the day one sells SE.....did you really have to take the exclusivity away? That's JP sales alone, i guarantee there are like 100k+ people who still wants hands on with ff13 in JP. On top of that the NA version didn't even come out...Once again, FF13 will show that Sony audience are the true players of JRPG's.

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Optical_Matrix4202d ago

I'm assuming they're not counting units sold on online import retailers like Renchi,Play-asia and Yesasia, so that number could go up by 0.03 or more once more data comes in.

iron_sheik4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

so expect around 1.7m copies for the week with FF13 bundles

1m represents numbers without BUNDLES

so 1.2m actually 1st day

BISHOP-BRASIL4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Nailed it to the head my friend. Not only there were 1 million copies of FF XIII sold in a day, there were 200k PS3s bundled with a copy sold in the very same day.

And fanboys belive Sony would be crying over a little lead 360 got in last entire month sales in NA, Sony made up for that in a day anywhere else. Most important market in the world? Maybe to MS.

Oh, and Sony didn't rendered 600k+ of its user base without online access (not defending pirates here but anyone can see MS hold the ban 'till it would be more impactful - one can imagine publishers aren't that happy) nor did the 'exclusive hype for multi game' trick.

PS: I just read that were shipped 200k bundles, that's right, sold out day one.

Optical_Matrix4202d ago

Being honest, this goes to show how idiotic Square Enix were being about the 360 loyalty we saw. It just won't work and FFXIII's sales on it's first day have proved where there is money to be made with RPG's. Playstation Platforms and Handhelds.

Xi4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

I think it was money.

MS more then likely just contracted and bought a lot of the 'exclusives' from square to ensure the release of ff13 on the 360. I bet that MS is also fronting a lot of the advertising costs for the release of ff13 on the 360 too.

all money.

Cyrus3654202d ago

Even if Msoft didn't pay them (Which i'm sure there was something involved) to break their exclusivity... As businessman, how can you ignore how games sell in America...

Look at one of the best exclusives ever...ALL Time, Uncharted 2, and it just sold 1 million if that in America...Honestly if uncharted 2 was on 360, what do you think it sales would be? It'd definitely be better than Gears of War...

So going back to my point, do you think the total sales of FFXIII would be so much higher if it was soley on PS3, worldwide over a multiplatform environment?

Saaking4202d ago

The thing is, the 360 has a much larger lead in NA (2-1) so it's obvious that games will sell much better on the 360.

That and the fact that the 360 crowd is very closed minded. The only games the sell really well are Gears and Halo (the ones that do the huge numbers you speak of). Most other games sell as much as UC2 and other Sony exclusives. This misconception that MS sells more games needs to disappear

Doc Sony4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

...why do people think ALL 360 games sell like Halo and Gears when they dont. They sell a bit more than PS3 exclusives and that all got to do with the bigger install base...

...which of course has to do with the 1 year head start.

Modern Warfare sold like 1.5 to 2 million more on 360 ? Goes to show how closed minded 360 owners are when it comes to shooters.


ANy one in there right mind believes that 360 version will sell will only prevent 360 owners from buying a ps3 if they want to play it

shawnsl654202d ago

Well you gotta remember Halo is MS's Mario, GEoW is it's Mario Kart, MW is a multiplatformed Zelda in terms of popularity for the XBOX only crowd. You get what I'm trying to say.

Marceles4202d ago

Yeah I think PLAYSTATIONGENRATION hit it on the head. MS's strategy of getting FF13 was to prevent people from buying a PS3 for it. I doubt they really care about the game that much, as long as it's not exclusive in the US then their mission was complete.

Seferoth754201d ago

Yes this week it is the bigger install base excuse. Next week you'll be talking about how the 360 install base is a lie because of so many people getting RROD and MS using those replacement numbers as sales.

It doesnt really matter to a company why games sell more on 360 than PS3. They just do and it means more money for them. I doubt any company exec is going to stand up and say " Let's not make this game for the 360 because the install base is just too damn big and we would just make too much money."

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iron_sheik4202d ago

so 1.2m actually for total copies

should be around 1.8m at the end of the week

awesome numbers

Cyrax_874202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

PS3 owners don't buy games apparently?

Berserk14202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )



iron_sheik4202d ago

he is paid by MS to say such trash. he has like a 1000 accounts here. his original account was filed as PP. he comes here to spin the global sales for x360 which is half of ps3 every week

Obama4202d ago

The Truth...NO ONE CARES

The sales bot must be really depressed over this piece of news.

shawnsl654202d ago

this is gonna rock! now that FFXIII is complete, maybe we'll get to see some Final Fantasy Versus in game combat *crosses fingers*

sikbeta4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

We are the Gamers Crew, so why you bring the xboyz here, they don't count, they're probably crying in a corner:

"-but...but...It can't be, only teh Haloez make huge salez"

Unbelievable lol

Anyway, this game is a HUGE seller because of the recognition it has as a GREAT JRPG, the same way GT series have the recognition for being The Real Driving Simulator

Gamers FTW!!!

4point7BillionLoss4202d ago

you stupid droids with your ugly teeth !!!

AuToFiRE4202d ago

truth2009 hasnt read this article yet, hes still at school learning how to spell

Defectiv3_Detectiv34201d ago

For a game debut on one console in one country, that's pretty damn impressive. I could only imagine what the figures would look like if it was a full release. Maybe not COD numbers, but most likely better than Halo.

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ApocalypseShadow4202d ago

we ps3 fans are always told we don't buy games.....

almost like when we were told that bluray would when we were told that ps3 couldn't do killzone2...yet.....cell not optimum for games....yet....not we were told that the 360 was the rpg console to own...yet.......rpgs were "only on xbox"....yet....never coming to ps3....yet......

i could go on...yet.......