Several PS3 Exclusives Under Development? "According to Christopher Lennox-Lamb's profile, they have contracts for several unannounced PS3 titles."

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281219863324d ago

2010 should bring more good news to PS3 owners then...

Nike3324d ago

That it should. Though I'm curious - are these new IPs or any familiar names associated with sequels also in development?

281219863324d ago

wonder what else they are keeping under wraps...

Nike3324d ago

That, of course, is there (and thankfully, not just in the little loopy world of HipHopGamer) along with Resistance 3. God of War 3 and Heavy Rain will start the year off, but I'd love to see what they have planned for the year-end. If MS could come up with Reach to end the year, then it only makes the mind boggle as to what Sony will do to counter that - that too, AFTER the release of GoW 3. :)

ThanatosDMC3324d ago

They need to make a zombie game that utilizes the Cell properly. Something greater than Dead Rising 2's promise of awesomeness will be greatness. Yeah, cant wait for Dead Rising 2.

blu_yu_away3324d ago

A couple days ago on the article when John Koller was talking about PS motion vs Wii and Natal I picked out an interesting quote. Unfortunately everyone was too busy arguing to notice. It would seem there are in fact new IPs as well as established franchises in the works.

"Going into the back half of the year, we have a number of key launches. We haven't really announced all of them yet, but the titles that will be launching at the time are going to be very exciting. Some of the big franchises, as well as new IPs have new ways to game, not motion control gaming, but in other ways."

Saaking3324d ago

If there's one thing you can expect as a PS3 owner it's AAA ground breaking exclusive after exclusive.

S M N3324d ago

it called Dead Nation

from the star dust hd creators

Dragun6193324d ago

So far the rumored PS3 Exclusives in development list includes

- Syphon Filter 5

- Twisted Metal

- Starhawk

- Resistance 3

- CyberConnect2 working Title

- Ape Escape PS3

Either these titles or new IP's.

Noctis Aftermath3324d ago

Hopefully a couple of innovative JRPGs(as great as Vagrant story,Xenogears) are in the works.

saint_john_paul_ii3324d ago

"- CyberConnect2 working Title

ultimate Ninja Storm 2 or another .hack game. Ultimate Ninja Storm Should look better with every feature we want. and not to mention a real free roaming adventure/fighting game.

ThanatosDMC3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Dead Nation is not like Dead Rising though. Dead Rising third person slaughterfest instead of top down view.

Dead Nation is more like Burn Zombie Burn! and Zombie Apocalypse. The latter sucks. Dead Nation would be fun but not as fun as something as a superior ripped off version of a Dead Rising game exclusive for the PS3.

They probably could do a ton more with that harnessed power. Full co-op while retaining everything Dead Rising-like gameplay and amount of zombies.

NotSoSilentBob3324d ago

I hope it is UNS2. They need to have Online play for the game this time. It really sucked that I was only able to beat up on my friends for about a month before they all got sick and tired of loosing. I even would handicap myself beyond belief and I still pulled a 90% win ratio.

Pumbli3324d ago

I'd love a new Ape Escape for my PS3, great games on the PS2. :P

sack_boi3324d ago

You mean like Haze, Lair or Genji?

leila013324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Like Uncharted 2, Metal Gear 4, Uncharted 1...

Pumbli3324d ago

Mah boi, PS3 is what all true warriors strive for!

sack_boi - That's so 2007, Haze was just a little late to the party. :P

Christopher3324d ago

Looks like first-party motion controller games based on the required skill set.

badz1493324d ago

duhh...Sony has the highest number of 1st party studios under the belts than M$ and Ninty combined! what do you expect they are doing all this time? making popcorns? of course they make games! Sony bought them so they will make games exclusively for Sony not for nothing!


those are so 2007 & 2008 plus all those are 3rd party games! 2010 is upon us and you're still stuck in the past! how sad!

SilentNegotiator3324d ago

"They need to make a zombie game that utilizes the Cell properly"

Anyway........DUH. Playstation has always been about exclusives that take advantage of the hardware.

lightningsax3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

@Noctis - You know, I also hope that some JRPGs are being created for the PS3, but, well... how do I say this nicely... you may want to read the article.

We're talking about Supermassive Games, a company that will not be making JRPGs unless they move. Not that a company like that couldn't possibly emulate the style, but why would they jump away from their strengths to do that?

In other words, if we get Sqenix/Tecmo/Atlus documents talking about exclusives, there's a good chance that it's a JRPG. This isn't true with documents from/about a company that will probably be busting their butts on Killzone 3, or so the rumors say.

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Berserk13324d ago

IT ONLY DOSE Exclusives.

Nike3324d ago

And multiplatforms too! :)

It's a shame Mass Effect 2 has once again been stonewalled though. There a lot of uninteresting 360 exclusives, but I would have loved to give ME a spin.

Niles3324d ago

Stats are a proof of statistics....

Xi3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

are people surprised by this?

I'm sure nintendo and MS also have unannounced exclusives under development. If they didn't they'd be in a lot of trouble.

Nike3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Lol, that's like saying accidents happen all the time, so why should we be surprised if any more happen?

Yes, MS and Nintendo would have some exclusives of their own coming up - Reach, Metroid: Other M and the upcoming announcement of the new Zelda at E3, for instance. But it's still nice that months before the companies make it official, we know we'll be getting some more games, irrespective of the system. Hell, if i got to know when, say, the new Zelda would be complete and released, i'd be stoked.

Saaking3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Nintendo yea. MS, maybe one or two games, but I don't think they have much. Their reliance on third parties is proving to be their downfall.

EDIT: Forgot about those Natal games. Hopefully they'll be full games and not just small minigame type games.

Xi3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

take it with a grain of salt buuut.

14 project natal games for release. Rare's gotta be working on something, and we sure as hell haven't seen or heard much from them recently. Same goes for mistwalker.

leila013324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I thought you said you'd try to troll less. You don't semm to be evev trying at all. lol

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Ps_alm3k3324d ago

All out domination next year, Games that connot be counted on the fingers and toes.

Ps_alm3k3324d ago

So i don't really care....
HAr Har har me matey!

Nike3324d ago

Arrrghhh de har har matey :D

Good point, though. For all it's talk of platform exclusivity, it's still on PC. Liandra and Ashlee, here I come! :D

Doc Sony3324d ago

...i finally broke and got me a MassEffectBox 360, I call it that because thats all its gonna be playing.

GOD I wish this franchise would come to PS3.

At least I got it dirt cheap, and what is up with that idiotic power cable. Its as big as an entire PS3, I sh!t you not.

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