Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End PC demo

Disney Interactive Studios has released the PC demo for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, allowing you to try out their action adventure game inspired by the events of the second and third installments of the incredibly successful Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. Experience the environments, events, and characters of the films, and play as Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and the eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow himself, as you try to prevent his dark past from catching up with him.

Download mirrors are listed below at the alternative sources.

Alernative sources (4)
Mirror #4disney.deTnS
Mirror #2ggmania.comTnS
Mirror #3worthdownloading.comTnS
Mirror #1strategyinformer.comTnS
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TnS4743d ago

The PC version is a very poor port of the X360 version. It has very ugly graphics. :(

Diselage4743d ago

Crap game on the 360, not like it's going to improve through being ported.

TnS4743d ago

Crap, but at least it is nice on the X360.