A Look at Halo: the Fall of Reach Novel

As the anticipation builds up for Halo: Reach the video game, which is set for a Fall 2010 release, one might want to read up on the 2001 novel of a similar name. G3, in addition to enjoying great gaming, also encourages great reading; especially when it furthers the plot of a popular game. Halo: The Fall of Reach is a great companion novel to the Halo series since it also flushes out a lot of history with Captain Keyes, the Covenant and even the Master Chief.

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LukeA3231d ago

This reminds me of those DOOM novels from the mid 90's. Man those were great reads. Mind you, I was 14 and looking for anything and everything gaming related.

Kamikaze83231d ago

The latter Halo books were amazing.

Ramin1233231d ago

I've always wanted to read the halo novels because i've heard nothing but good things. But....I don't particularly like halo in general so my interest would probably wane instantly

3230d ago
omicron0093230d ago

never read it, but it sounds interesting

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