Quantum Theory Release Date & Limited Edition Revealed

After the shocking announcement of Quantum Theory releasing on the XBOX 360, Tecmo officially announced today that both versions will have a simultaneous release on March 25, 2010...


typo - March 25, not 27

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Saaking3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

eh, not interested anymore. I think I'll wait for some reviews.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3230d ago

When this game was exclusive it was the next big thing, with people defending it left and right. lol

I have always been interested in this one. The screenshots just looked "cool" to me (love the use of color in the game).

Hopefully the gameplay will be good.

Bigpappy3230d ago

PS3 can not survive on only exclusives. They don't sell well enough. Nintendo on the other hand does quite well at this, but still try to attract 3rd party. Hey, if the game is good, it will only be PS3 loss.

SnuggleBandit3230d ago

March...good luck to this game haha...

steck673230d ago


Even before it went multi, PS3 fans thought it wasnt going to be good. Me personally, it has a cool concept and all but I'm not really excited for the gameplay based on what I have seen.

jack_burt0n3230d ago

"PS3 can not survive on only exclusives"

yes it can, and most ppl thought the game looked rough as hell exclusive or not.

Noctis Aftermath3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

@bubbles: people were defending this left and right? please show me all these ps3 fanboys defending it left and right, i have seen next to no one excited for this game so stop trying to take a jab at ps3 fans for no reason, it's a gears of war clone that looks much worse then Gears of war, exclusive or not this game won't push either system in any way and it was NEVER considered "the next big thing" so stop talking sh1t.

HammockGames3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

I love me some Gears of War. I'd gladly buy a well crafted game that looks and plays as well as Gears.

But based on what I've seen of Quantum (or whatever the hell they're going to call it) this game looks like it will fall short. Way short. As a PS3 owner, I crossed this game off my list a long time ago. As a 360 owner I'm certainly not excited about it now.

And I have to agree with Hayden. March? Really? My gaming dollars are already spoken for that month...

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3230d ago

It looks like a few of you have selective memories.

I can clearly remember when people were defending this game (again, back when it was a PS3 exclusive).

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3230d ago

Since my character got called out in this thread, I dug up this little gem. :D

It looks like a lot of people have changed their minds about this game. I wonder why that could be...

3230d ago
-Seven-3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Here are some comments just incase you dont want to click the links.

mikeslemonade - 403 days 13 hours ago
1.12 -
Enviroment changes so only possible on teh Cell and Blu-ray.

Saaking - 84 days 22 hours ago
1.6 -
Looks like Gears with better graphics and a Japanese influence. The guy playing seems like he has no clue what he's doing though. Hopefully they'll release the demo on Jap. PSN. soon.


I know people will turn a blind eye to that link so i thought i would pull some comments from it... enjoy;

"1.1 - Wow is right.
Last time we saw this game it looked like poo. Now it looks freakin epic (no pun intended).

I am now officially exited for this game. I love E3."

"1.5 - Impressive.
Action looks fast and furious too. And the graphics are incredibly sharp and fluid.

Pre-ordering this today! "

"1.6 -
OMG!!!! this was the least expected game to WOW me.... I must tell you..... IT'S FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! I want this now!!!! It's like Gears meets DMC or GOW... Mythical tale and throw in A Gun and Sword characters and you have a blockbuster.. The visuals seem awesome and so does the gameplay with co-op style battles. Also THE TOWER!!!! Just look at the way it changes shape... I can't wait for this. These Japanese guys sure know how to lure people with mythical characters... But hell I love it that way.

Btw: Did they just change the name to only Quantum? I didn't see theory anywhere.... "

" 1.14 -
Why does it feel like the PS3 has stolen another exclusive? lol Well not really but after this game releases. Nobody on the PS3 side is going to need/want Gears anymore! I'm excited for this game!"

" 5.10 - hm....
yep it is influenced by GeoW a bit, but there is one core difference that sets them apart IMO.

Quantum Theory interests me, Gears does not.

I'm a huge jrpg fan, so you should try to see where i'm coming from before flaming me "

" So according to you 360 guys.

Everygame in 3rd person with big soldiers talking smack is a gow clone.

Every fps shooter with alien weapons set on another world is a halo clone.

According to pc gamers, every game set on an island is a crysis clone.

Seriously though, looked pretty good, changing features of the environment. Should be good fun, and with co-op as well. Nice. "

anyway, you get the picture.....

as a ps3 owner myself, not interested. there are better games out. As a 360 owner also, not interested, again there are better games coming out.

badz1493230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

what happen to the mindset as a gamer inside all of you? always a fanboy wars in whatever article possible! now both PS3 and 360 owners will be able to play the game but somehow we're fighting like this game is a confirmed sh1t and both parties don't even want to keep it? feel sorry for Tecmo.

I was never a fan of gears but the early vids of quantum kinda made me interested. here's hoping that it will at least have a good story and I might consider picking it up later on when it's cheap and I have nothing else to play! (like most multiplats I own - BFBC, Dead Space, Bioshock etc)

Chubear3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

So you saying those same people who liked the game then that they ALL don't like it now? Ok, you showed their anticipation for the game now show their comments now saying they don't like the game anymore.

See, what you guys do is bundle ALL PS3 gamers in one cause that's how you view the PS3 base. Those gamers that liked QT and were looking forward to it back then are still looking forward to it now... unless you think QT will sell zero copies on launch or something.

DARK WITNESS3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

@ Chubear

lol... well you only need to look at Saakings comment for starters..

it was the first post... you know, the one right at the top which we were replying to in the first place.

and if the others still like the game kudos to them, i don't see them anywhere else defending it though which tends to be the usual reaction.

we were just pointing them about because someone else said they had not read Any comments from ps3 people being excited about this game before when it was exclusive. they failed... now you.

SixTwoTwo3230d ago

Anyone else get the idea that maybe Tecmo intentionally announced the game as an exclusive to draw hype, fully knowing the game would be multiplatform. How else would they announce a 360 version this month and have it ready to release side by side with PS3 version. This game was touted as PS3 exclusive as late as TGS. Can a 360 port be made that quick?

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RememberThe3573230d ago

I just keep thinking about how they blatantly lied about it being exclusive. It kind of makes me not want to support the game.

SoapShoes3230d ago

They only said it was exclusive to generate hype amongst PS3 gamers and planned on revoking that to generate hype amongst 360 gamers.

Dutch Boogie3230d ago

Yeah i'm not buying the game. The moment it was announced multiplat, it's potential went straight out the window. I'n not gonna support lairs in this gaming business.

Saaking3230d ago

I was very disappointed when they announce it'd go multiplats. These lying devs aren't gonna get my support. They lied to PS3 fans, so hopefully they'll be able to sell their game to 360 fans.

Solidus187-SCMilk3230d ago

It always looked like a horrible game, even when it was a ps3 exclusive. If its a good game I will be very surprised.

RememberThe3573230d ago

I just don't want to give my money to a company willing to lie to us. I would understand if they were covering the platforms up, but they came out and sold it as an exclusive that would take advantage of the platform.

I'm still looking forward to it but I will not buy it now. It'll get put in my GameFly Que.

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keysy4203230d ago

i was excited that it was exclusive meaning more time and money but now its just a waste

WildArmed3230d ago

Do they not want their game to sell?
Trying to fit in next to beasts like GoW3 and FFXIII?

Dutch Boogie3230d ago

Maybe their starving for money and can only release it around that time to generate income for the company. Other than that i don't know who would be so stupid to pit their multiplat game next to GOW3 and GT5 lol.

firelogic3230d ago

I'll be buying FFXIII, Yakuza 3, and GoWIII. Sorry but I won't have the time or the dollars to spend on a cheap Gears of War ripoff.

TheBand1t3230d ago

What little excitement I had for this game dwindled when I saw gameplay footage.

Just get Uncharted 2 for your TPS fix, people.

WildArmed3230d ago

or Gears if you are on the other side of the spectrum.
U2 n GeOW2 seem like the logical choice over this game. (depending on what console you have)

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