Bungie basically admits ODST was a smash and grab

Curtis Creamer of Bungie at the VGA's was quoted as saying "That was a technology (Firefight) we hadn't built up to a point where we could add DLC to the game. It would have been too much of an investment to make that happen" We're no rocket scientists over here at Burn360, but when someone says that it kinda sounds like..wait no it definitely sounds like he just said we didn't invest enough time into ODST and with Reach coming out in a year we're gonna… Read on for the rest of this "story"

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trancefreak3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

I havnt tried the game yet but i wont judge it or make an opinion until i play the game for myself.

Edit: ya im going to wait for the price to come down for sure too much money spending with xmas coming up :)

Saaking3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Wait until it drops in price. I finished the campaign in around 5 hours on Heroic, the multiplayer is EXACTLY THE SAME as Halo 3, and Firefight is just not worth it (no matchmaking wtf?!).

Seriously, it's my opinion, but I strongly suggest anyone thinking about buying it to wait. IF you can get it for 30-40 bucks, then it's a worthwhile buy.

rroded3226d ago

even if it blew my last 360 lol

but ya a bit short for 60 bucks imo

DMason3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Seriously, where did this guy get "Bungie does a smash and grab with ODST" from the original article titled "Bungie explains lack of Halo 3: ODST DLC." It's amazing what people will do for hits.

This article is pure garbage, pure speculation, and pure fanboy fodder. How is this even an article? It should be listed under "Rumors."

I'll admit, ODST wasnt mindblowing, but it was a decent game. Better than a lot of garbage that gets put out these days. I would've paid $40 for it thou.

StanLee3226d ago

What a BS opinion piece which took what the guy said completely out of context. Bungie admitted from the beginning that ODST was the labor of a small team as the majority of it's team had moved on the Halo: Reach. Only on the internet fools think their opinions are the majority. Anyway, Halo 3: ODST continues to be a success. 3 months later it's in the top 20 of the NPD November software sales, outselling Uncharted 2.

Lifendz3226d ago

I really liked the music. Then again Halo games usually have exceptional music.

otherZinc3226d ago

If Bungie did give us half a game, what is that saying for Killzone 2, Ratchet, InFamous, Uncharted 2? Its like Bungie is Jordan or Tiger, 50% of their game is 120% of its competitors game. ODST was the story of the ODST's without The Master Chief, the game was of a different perspective & the single player was longer than MW2.

People, stop hatin, it does no good in the end, especially when the game in question sold more in one day than the best exclusive from SONY.

Rhythmattic3225d ago


What is it with the Music thing ??? ODST had the most cheezy soundtrack ive ever heard in a video game... It sounded so out of Place.... The quality was that Of a GM (General Midi) File.

Oh that Sax sound....... Ahhhhhhhh...

As a Producer/Musician.... its my opinion of course.

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Imallvol73226d ago

Yeah, that game was nothing spectacular, and it was included in the Game of the Year nominations and everything. I am not saying the game shouldn't exist, I am just saying it should have a much lower price point and more reasonable review scores. Look at all the 90's and above it got on Metacritic. Laughable.

-Alpha3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

The issue isn't that it WAS a snatch and grab, the issue was that it was priced at $60.

I do however think ODST is not the ONLY offender of being a short game that isn't worth the price tag. However there are even many games that ARE lengthy that STILL aren't worth their price tags (you know those crappy Lair, Haze kinda games). ODST gets picked on because it's:

a) Halo
b) popular
c) MS (meaning M$. If there is ever a problem with money and MS is involved, it automatically means MS is screwing somebody)

Paying $60 for a game has always been an issue considering games these days are short. Not that short games are bad and long games are always great, but the issue of price is dependent on the person's tastes.

I don't have a problem with ODST but it clearly isn't worth the price tag for existing owners of Halo 3. Ultimately it is subjective, but ODST is clearly a pit stop between #3 and Reach.

ODST still managed to be a great game, they added Firefight mode, bundled all DLC, so really, it's already better off then other $60 games.

The thing is that Bungie should have delivered more rather than something that seemed like a quick cut and paste effort. Perhaps they wanted to save their resources for Reach, but even so, Bungie could have done so much better. They better make use good use of the "smash and grab" money and put it towards making Reach as spectacular as I am expecting it to be.

rroded3226d ago

actually prb less considering no online but still worth the full price due to the gameplay n graphics alone. imo anyways

pixelsword3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

most people couldn't get their head around the controls; which is not their fault, but for those who could understand the controls all say it was an awesome game, including me. I think it's a solid 8.5; not a 9 or above, because it had clipping and slowdown on one stage each, but other than those isolated incidences the game was rock solid.

STICKzophrenic3226d ago

Halo 3: ODST offers more replay value than almost any single player only game, barring RPGs.

I paid the full $60 for it and I've definitely got my money's worth from the game. Firefight is awesome, and once the Halo: Reach beta drops, it'll make ODST that much more valuable.

STICKzophrenic3225d ago

So people can click disagree yet won't post a rebuttal?

Is it because you really can't debate that ODST has more value than nearly all single player only games except RPGs?

BlackTar1873225d ago

and thats all. No need to be combative over it.