Mass Effect 2: The Truth About The First 90 Minutes (GiantBomb Preview)

Brad Shoemaker: "I'm going to tell you some things now about Mass Effect 2, things I learned after starting a new game right from the title screen. If you're some kind of raging purist that wants to know absolutely nothing about this sequel, you should probably stop reading. But realistically, the average person isn't going to make it to the January 26 release without hearing about most of this stuff; it's all contained in the game's introductory moments, after all. It's all central to the storyline."

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Myst3324d ago

Dammit...I seriously stopped there...I want to be surprised by the game, but every time there is an article about it on here or a new video is posted on GT. I'm attracted to it almost instantly, thank goodness that warning was there though don't want to spoil myself to much :/

toaster3323d ago

I got my PC Special Edition preorder from Amazon :)

Gonna be busy!! But which story should I continue? I killed Wrex in one of them... Hopefully the choices the player made in the first game has significant impact in the second.

Like that Sheperd fan. I basically ignored him every time, and maybe in ME2 he will return and be like, some super crazy Biotic and try to kill me or something. Interesting stuff...

Nihilism3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

I can't read this, it sounds too spoilerific, it kind of sucks that when you start from scratch without a save that it doesn't have as deep an impact, but I still have no intention of using my save, I have too many and it's too hard to remember what I did, i'd rather decide via dialogue what choice I supposedly made in the first.


Tali is the best party member Tech > Biotic


PC special edition here too high 5!, man this game is gonna kick some serious ass, thank god for credit cards because i've got Bioshock 2 and bfbc2 pre ordered as well and it's as expensive time right after christmas :S

blu_yu_away3323d ago

Agreed, I set a personal embargo for myself until the game releases. So tempting to read all of the previews but damnit, I want to avoid every spoiler possible.

Nihilism3323d ago

That looks truly amazing, but in all honesty, i'm sure that's the pc build, that would be great looking even by pc standards. Either that or it's a cut scene.

Christopher3323d ago

That's CGI, not in-game engine on PC or 360.

Nihilism3323d ago

I thought so, i'm sure there are delusional people claiming it's in game though, such as 'MGSR HD version', that footage is 10x better than crysis in game, so there's no way in hell it could be

Christopher3323d ago

That's because it is Martin Sheen.