Call of Duty Classic tops PSN downloads

The latest "Top Downloads" list on the Playstation Store has Call of Duty Classic on top.

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swiftshot933316d ago

PS3 owners love CoD. Who can blame them its a [email protected] series that never gets old IMO.

MW2 is personally my favorite multiplayer game this generation.

Sunny_D3316d ago

You're joking right? Or do you mean when it's not being hacked or glitched?

Hellsvacancy3316d ago

He must b jokin or on crack,

Darkstorn3316d ago

Is CoD Classic any good? I have some PSN credit and am wondering if it has held up well.
As for MW2. It's a great game, but the online multiplayer is broken. Play splitscreen with a few friends instead.

dirthurts3316d ago

even if it is busted.
I can easily overlook the glitches. Still the best multiplayer this gen.
My only complaint is it's a camp fest at times.

TheIneffableBob3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

The first Call of Duty is the best in the series, in my opinion. It also has a great expansion pack, United Offensive.

$15 seems like a lot for a 6 year old game, though. You could probably find it for $5 in the bargain bin for PC. (The multiplayer for Call of Duty isn't very alive anymore, but United Offensive has 23,000 players which is more than enough).

Ju3316d ago

I think it's worth the money. I didn't really know it was available and stumbled over it by accident. First I thought its an old PS2 game or what, but it does full 720p @ 60fps (probably a PC conversion?). So from that perspective it looks actually great. I am surprised how similar it plays to current CoD games. They didn't really change much in the game play, IMO. Sure, it improved over time, handling is better now, and current games are a bit better balanced. It's alright for a - is it really 6 years old ? - a 6 year old game. It got MP, headset and Trophy support. Not bad for $15.

guitarded773316d ago

@1.3 It's a decent download.. the ingame graphics look good and it plays well. The controls should have been updated IMO and the online will probably be dead in a month if it isn't already. It's worth a download off PSN only if you already own Battlefield 1943 and you want another PSN shooter. Hope this helps.

ape0073315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

what an unbelievable amount of hate
for mw2 here in N4G

I mean look at swiftshot93 disagrees

fanboys,I understand you fanboys

90% here are sony fanboys

it's easy and understandable why

"STOP PS3 SUPPORT" claims by activision is the reason

you guys need some treatment

emotional force is stronger than reality eh?,you'r no longer play games,you just support your "MIGHTY" company emotionally and economically

mw2 is simply one of the best games in this generation,it has the best online experience ever,miles better than kz2 and Resistance 2,it glitched for 3 times only while in kz2(awesome game don't get me wrong)I rarely complete a game,"no host"issues a lot of times and talking about frustration,joining games is a pain in the @ss in psn,the same goes for inviting,also no player status,the friend list is there just for sending\receiving massages and viewing trophies,GET REAL GUYS

stop bashing mw2,stop hating,you'll only hurt yourself,trust me,mw2 sold a looot on 360 and a looot on ps3,also this cod classic top psn and xbl,mw2 is the most played game on xbox live and psn,so why you all disagreed with"ps3 owners love cod",WHY,YOU DON'T LIKE IT JUST STFU AND EAT D!CK

get a life fanboys,I've never seen such a HATEFUL place like n4g,the site is great but you just ruin it,absolutely RUINED IT

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Karsghul3316d ago

...but this port is half-assed. You aim with L2 and Shoot with R2 (there's no option to change anything about the controls), aiming is sh!t, the sound quality and framerate is poor, Multiplayer is forgettable.

And that's from playing first few chapters...

Sad because I remember playing this a few years ago on PC and enjoying it a lot more.

oh (shared)games FTW!

Ju3316d ago

Yeah, that is true. I hate R2 triggers. And no way to change it...

silkrevolver3316d ago

... it will immediately be replaced next week by FFVIII

S4NDM4N3316d ago

You're kidding me right?

You can buy the game for like $5 for PC. Anyones PC can play it nowadays. Not only that there is mod support to update the graphics, and other stuff

8 player multiplayer

sigh.....are people that easy to rip money off of?

S4NDM4N3316d ago


You can also find it at Circuit City for like $2 if you're lucky

badz1493316d ago

see no further than 360 gamers! they pay to play online when it's free everywhere else! I'm not bashing anything here but nickle and diming is the roots of today's gaming market! why the hell do you think that there's DLC here and there? M$ is charging for online and even Sony and Ninty with their free online, still find a way to bucket in some easy cash with online content! shall I say, business is business! rip-off or not, nobody is pointing guns, forcing you to pay for any of them!

but I'm all for free stuff and only buy things that I think worth spending my money for and that's the sole reason I'm not getting a 360 since I will get only half the potion of most games I buy if I'm not subscribing to LIVE!

KillerPwned3316d ago

Anyone that doesnt have this game and wants a true WWII FPS get this game right away. Its a lot better on PC of course but this is just as good. I have it both for PC and PS3 and love it just remember this is the game that launched the COD series. Look at this and compare it to MW personally i like it a lot better.

Playing this game in surround sound is absoulty amazing.

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