Why Videogame Journalism Sucks

Videogame journalists have come under fire for misleading the public, taking bribes from publishers, and hiring uneducated morons as writers. Whether or not this is all true is pure speculation, the type of stuff that sours message boards populated by conspiracy theorists and immature fan boys, but the damage has been done. Want to know why the average journo can't get any respect? It's largely because...

Nobody writes exceptionally well

Let's just get right down to it. Most journalists are awful writers, and this is true from top to bottom. Videogame journalism is rife with grammatical errors, historical inaccuracies, plagiarism, run on sentences, cliches, and plenty of bullshit that's entirely irrelevant. We often take the reader on bumpy rides through several pages of shoddily written garbage, so it should be no surprise when people call us out by dissecting entire stories and bashing us in forums.

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this seems a little harsh

i love game journalists!

Dick Jones6518d ago

Videogame journalists have come under fire for misleading the public, taking bribes from publishers, and hiring uneducated morons as writers.

It ain't gunna change so just accept it or go live in the hills somewhere.

Shadowstorm6518d ago

Video game journalism doesn't suck, it's the people who make it suck that sucks.


jedicurt6517d ago

journalism has been on a steady decline in all aspects for many many years. But it is all forms of information media. Broadcasting has gone down hill aswell. And I think it is something that the media needs to look into and see what is going on.

I mean come on, even this last generation of broadcasters, (Rather, Brokaw (however you spell it), and who ever else you want to throw onto this list), while good, were no way in the same league as Cronkite or Murrow. it has been a steady decline in all forms.

PS360PCROCKS6517d ago

Hey I am going to school to be a journalist! wtf? lol well I'm going for sports, so hopefully I'm ok

Bill Gates6517d ago

I wish you the best. But a word of advice, don’t be as biased as you are on this site or you will never succeed.


Jason Voorhees Comes To MultiVersus

It is so awesome to see Jason back in a game. Warner Bros. Games today released a new MultiVersus cinematic launch trailer revealing Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th horror movie franchise and Agent Smith from The Matrix film series as playable characters coming to the free-to-play platform fighter videogame.


Galacticare Review | TheSixthAxis

TSA writes: Taking the classic Theme Hospital and Two Point Hospital as inspiration, Galacticare is a fun alien-filled hospital management game.

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Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 launch trailer will send shivers down your spine

Ninja Theory's latest trailer for their highly anticipated narrative action-adventure Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is absolute cinema.

Reaper22_7h ago

Like I said before, buying Ninja Theory was one of the smartest moves by Microsoft. Games looks incredible.

Rynxie3h ago

Unfortunately, their games aren't big sellers. Will MS shut them down if hellblade 2 sells below expectations?

outsider162458m ago

If it sells below expectations, then i expect it to come to PS5.

Elda38m ago

The game may be a critical hit & still can get shut down. I highly doubt most XB owners will buy this game including the fact that it's digital only at $50. Most folks that have Gamepass will play the game through the sub service. If the reviews tomorrow are just average to low then that's another problem.

Obscure_Observer2h ago

"Like I said before, buying Ninja Theory was one of the smartest moves by Microsoft. Games looks incredible."


Just a few hours to go

I can´t wait!

z2g6h ago

badass. already installed via gamepass. if its as great as the first one I will pay for the whole game.

glenn19792h ago

I just don't understand why all the down votes

jwillj2k46h ago

Here we go again. Is this a game or a choose your own adventure???

purple1016h ago

if you choose left, turn to page 39, if you proceed forward, turn to page 43, to turn right, page 209, you finished the book early,

no but seriously this looks like Microsofts first hit, or should I say, first game of standout quality.

jwillj2k45h ago

Never questioned the quality. Question is will there be a need for the controller.

anast1h ago

The time machine 'choose your own' were awesome.

Tedakin3h ago

If it's anything like the first game, you will spend a lot of timing walking and solving puzzles, with some fights thrown in.

Elda5h ago

LOL! Didn't send any shivers down my spine but I'll demo it after midnight tonight through Gamepass to see what it's giving.

Obscure_Observer3h ago

After the midnight? I see...

Day one as expected for another game that you said you had zero interest.

Elda51m ago(Edited 48m ago)

Finally making a re-appearance. When the heat was on about XB closing studios you were crickets on all articles. Now that the heat has died down all of a sudden you're here on an XB exclusive article or should I say a timed exclusive...lol!! If you must know I can demo this game at midnight because the University I work at is closed for the summer so I can play video games until my heart's content until the end of August when I go back to work. That's what Gamepass is for, knowing I would not spend $50 on Hellblade 2 because the first one I thought was boring so I'm going to see if this one is still boring or is it interesting by demoing the game.

Elda44m ago

Why not I have a year subscription to Gamepass, I don't have to spend $50 on a digital only game that I may not like including I'm on a lengthy vacation from work.

rlow15h ago

It looks amazing, I’m hoping the reviews are solid. You can tell the studio really poured their heart and soul into this one.