VGA 2009: Tony Hawk talks disappointing sales and future plans

Joystiq: This past Saturday brought us the Spike TV Video Game Awards and – before experiencing the litany of world exclusives that awaited us inside – we spent some time outside cruising the red carpet and talking (briefly!) to many of the game developers and talent. We squeezed them for information as fast as we could while simultaneously wishing them holiday cheer and good tidings. Yes, it was as awkward as it sounds. Here's what we learned from Tony Hawk about Tony Hawk Ride.

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ExgamerLegends23315d ago

The board looked cool but not something I would've tried. I still like the Tony Hawk series more than skate though it has been getting a bit monotonous. Skates more about realism and you can't really just cut loose in it like you can in the Tony Hawk games. It just needs something to revamp the series and set it apart from the competition. Better graphics definitely. Don't go for realism cuz thats not what the series is about.

3315d ago