The PS3 Perspective: An Open Letter About Avatars

Greg Miller: So for a couple of weeks now, I've been doing these editorials where I rant about stuff from a PlayStation fan's perspective. They've gone over well and I've had as many Xbox Live death threats as PlayStation Network pats on the back. Still, it was a comment on a story last week that really spoke to my position in life. See, I wrote a story about how Minis weren't working on PS3s just yet, and in it I said I was waiting on a response from Sony. This led to the following comment on the article…

"It must be nice to be an IGN editor and have the ability to make a glorified forum post that's guaranteed to be seen by Sony," IGN user JBuettler wrote.

You know, it is nice to be able to write something and know that it'll get to someone over at Sony – someone of some importance. It's not a responsibility that I take lightly, and with it in mind, I decided to draft the following letter to Sony as my latest PS3 Perspective. Because I actually know people over there, this article's hyperlink is going to be forwarded on behalf of all PS3 fans out there.

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Myst3324d ago

Yeah where are my premium avatars!?

*Waves flag*

hatchimatchi3324d ago

My avatar is a blue duck. Yes the avatars are old as can be but honestly, does it really matter?

tonytouchx3323d ago

i freaking agree to the fullest!i been dying to get some new avatars or at least let us have the ability to upload are own.

unrealgamer583323d ago

how about were able to snap a picture with the ps eye