IGN: Gran Turismo 5 Demo Hands-On

It's been a long time coming, but Gran Turismo 5 is almost here. While people got a glimpse of the series on the PS3 in the form of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, it's become more apparent that Prologue will not be indicative of what'll be in the final game.

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danthegardner4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Good impressions. Glad he loves the way the cars drive and feel.

EDIT: Just make a EU or Japanese PSN account then you can have it.

Serjikal_Strike4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

But ....why the hell is it taking so long for this to hit the NA psn store? its not there yet?

edit:@ above...I had a jap. acct.but I sent my ps3 to sony then they gave me a refurbished one and all my data & accts. are gone:(
dont feel like makin new one!

-Alpha4242d ago

Gran Turismo has been delayed far too long to fail.

I have no doubt that considering Forza 3 released first, that PolyPhony have the edge because now they can see where their competitors messed up, improve on it, deliver the style of PD, and ultimately deliver a better game (though F3 is a great game too).

I guess the "he who laughs last laughs loudest" saying is true and I think the wait will finally pay off for all the eager fans.

deadreckoning6664242d ago

Question for people who played the demo: Is it still fun for people who aren't fans of driving sims?? Im downloading now..

PirateThom4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

If you don't like driving sims it is not going to make a believer out of you. I know my opinion may not mean much the trolling I do, but the handling is amazingly responsive, realistic and requires your attention to get the most out of it.

If you play it, take the tuned car, it's the easiest one to get used to.


It's missing things like tyre smoke, which Prologue had, as well. Still hope it makes it.

enviable274242d ago

Man if only they would add tire skid marks this game would be 100% perfect, but even now looks fackin awesome :D

thereapersson4242d ago

And that's the most important thing that people should be taking away from this. I think that Polyphony Digital should have placed a disclaimer before the opening menu that this time trial was extremely stripped-down, with the sole purpose of testing the physics engine, because people are assuming this is how the game will look when it's released.

It's good that Polyphony has been working so hard on making the physics feel as real as possible, because I think that's one of the things that a lot of people are complaining about in regards to the GT series.

danthegardner4242d ago

Exactly I heard this was to showcase the physics, nothing else. I'm sure the graphics will be better with fuller environments. It looked bland to me, but the car models were fantastic.

deadreckoning6664242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Just played the demo and its not for me. I never liked driving sims so Im not surprised. Like someone said here, it IS like driving on an ice rink. People are saying this is THE game of 2010 are full of crap. Its not accessible enough.

I know what ur gunna say, "bu bu bu thas because u a noob and Modern Warfare 2's probably ur favorite game..NOOB" Wrong. For a game to be successful it has to have the right mix of accessiblity and challenge. GT5 is way TOO damn hard to control. It'll be great for driving purists, but I guarantee you it won't be THE game of 2010. Most people will be turned off by the difficulty.


1. Why are you using sales to prove to me that GT5 is worth a damn? I-DON'T-CARE and many others in North America won't either. It could sell 10 million copies on DAY 1 worldwide, I still wouldn't care cause its not for me. Times have changed and GT5 WILL sell but not as well as previous iterations. We live in times of noob friendly games and those games rule the market(Modern Warfare 2, Wii Fit) Sad but true... just watch what happens.

I bet you were one of the people who thought the PS3 would take the 360 over in NA this year too right?

"GT is no different. Its what millions bought their PS3 for in the first place. GT actually raises the bar for future sims & quality."

Uncharted 2 raised the bar for GAMING in general. Yet MORE people decided to buy Modern Warfare 2 on their PS3 instead. ODST outsold Killzone 2 in ONE day. QUALITY PS3 exclusives DON'T sell well in North America. Ur still trapped in the PS2 era when Sony was dominant. This time things will be very different.

Greywulf4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Its not for people who have no idea how to drive a car. Its a simulation. If you don't like simulations, play forza & paint incorrect car models all you want. Or heck, play burnout.

4.5 million buying just the "DEMO" of GT5, and its previous sales at least speak to the userbase that cares to know how to keep wheels on a road.

Im sure you're new to gaming, but damn... even you should know how Huge GT5 is. And where are you getting this "THE GAME OF 2010" nonsense from? As if 1 game is going to hold that title. Its a driving sim as well, MW2.5 in 2010 will be "the game of 2010", with even more bugs and lag. We all know that. But luckily, PS3 owners get to enjoy second to none quality and presentation when it comes to their big franchises.

GT is no different. Its what millions bought their PS3 for in the first place. GT actually raises the bar for future sims & quality.

Bathyj4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Yeah, like the 50M that got turned off all the prequels.

GT has always been popular, why would that stop on the best one?

infamous-butcher4242d ago

and everyone else for that matter.
This isnt realy a demo. It is for a competition for the GT academy.
Im not sure if GT academy comp was available in america but they have there reasons for not releasing it there.
Alos this is totally striped down and set perminantly on a harder mode for the competition. Its not even close to what I would call a demo.

Information Minister4242d ago

Yeah the handling is awesome. It's a lot easier to powerslide the car compared to GT4 or even GT3. It's great fun!

@1.8 - Just quit it. You're not fooling anyone. Nobody believes that you have a PS3. If any PS3 owner had your opinion about the system and the games, he would have sold it a long time ago. Why would anybody waste money on a console he keeps bashing? At least we won's comments are so insanely idiotic and ignorant that no one takes him seriously, but you actually believe you're fooling people.

Saaking4242d ago

It takes practice and you'll get the hang of it. Playing it once isn't enough. Anyways, the game is very accessible. There's a reason the GT series is the biggest Sim racing around.

Strikepackage Bravo4242d ago

One thing I always hated when I was a Sony fan, is how they always prioritize Japan first, I see no reason why this game cannot release worldwide in March, why the F don't we even have a launch date for the USA?!?! At least with the 360 you know YOU(if you live in the states) are the priority.

Steve_04242d ago

dead, this demo for many reasons outlined above is not anywhere near a representation of the final game, especially in terms of presentation/accessibility. remember, its meant for a competition, all the physics are locked at pro, if you want to get an idea about GT, buy Prologue. It must be cheap as hell right now, and its still a good game for any racing fan. Prologue will be more accessible than this demo.
Another thing, if you're playing with a controller - that's the root of all your problems right there. GT is made to be played with a quality wheel, it makes a huge difference, and that's where you'll understand the difference between a driving sim and a game - its much more rewarding once you really set your teeth into it, even if at first it may be hard to chew.
What you're saying about sales and "the game of 2010" I can understand, I personally don't think that GT5 will sell anywhere near previous iterations (ala GT3 sales), but I wouldn't be surprised if in the long run, it reaches 6 million plus. Remember Prologue sold close to 5 million, for at most 8% of the final, full game, I think it's safe to assume most people who bought GT5P will buy GT5, and then those who like GT but didn't think GT5P was worth it. I don't know, we'll see. But one thing that I know for certain, is that the amount of pure hard work, blood sweat and tears poured into this game, the unparalleled perfectionism of Polyphony, is unrivaled and really shines through the final game. Previous gen's gamers saw that, but I'm a little skeptical nowadays after seeing titles like ODST and MW2 outsell Uncharted 2 by such a wide margin.

beardpapa4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )


from my understanding according to gtplanet, the physics modes available are arcade, pro, and sim ... and this competition demo is set at sim. But that's according to them so take it with a grain of salt.

@ dead

are you flooring the gas and braking during turns? This demo is for the competition. It has all assists off and the physics mode is set to sim. Try driving it like a real car. You don't floor a 370z at 2nd gear while doing a corner without expecting some sort of traction loss.

Maybe you should give the real game a try when it comes out and turn on all assists as well as physics set to arcade mode.

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PirateThom4242d ago

Gotta say, after trying this demo, I don't think I could play on anything BUT professional now. It's too fun, too challenging, the car responds to everything.

zootang4242d ago

It's just great! Separates the Men from the boys.

PirateThom4242d ago

Don't do what I did and take the normal 370z first. :P

bloop4242d ago

The normal 370 feels like it has 2000+ horses going to the rear wheels or something. It's like driving on an ice rink and a little bit un-realistic. As for the traction's just all wrong!!! Engages when you don't want it and doesn't when you need it!!! I think the "Tuned" 370 handles a lot more like a real car. I've driven more powerful cars than the 370z in real life, and they did not handle like that!!!! It's over board!! Anyway, top 20 on the Irish leaderboards, just have to shave a couple more seconds off each time trial........

Narutone664242d ago

that's what I did. Lol. It was hard, but really fun. I didn't used my G25, because it was late and my children are using the table to do their homework. The physic is really spot on. Using the DS3, the regular car got a time of 2'01". As for the tuned car, I got 1'50". I'm waiting until the table is free to set up my G25 to see if I could do any better. Here in Asia, the number one for the regular car is now at 1'50" and for the tuned car is 1'36".

beardpapa4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

bloop is an example of someone playing too many arcade racing games. Never bothered to drive a car on normal tires and then pop on some racing performance ones huh? But I have I have says the anonymous bloop. Did you by chance floor the 370z too? Take a corner while slamming brakes? Just another bloke saying they can't drive in the TT because it feels like an ice rink, yet manages to be in the top 100.

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cmrbe4242d ago

"Still, that's not the point here, and I love what I've played. The new driving model is, from what I can make of it right now, phenomenal. It'll take some time with another few dozen cars to see how it holds up across multiple vehicle models, but if this is a sign of what's to come, Polyphony has outdone itself".

GT5 is next gen.

PirateThom4242d ago

It's a demonstration of the driving physics.

mintaro4242d ago

So a not a demo?

Perkel4242d ago

it's not a demostration it's a GT ACADEMY TIME TRIAL :)

some lucky guy out there will win ticket to better life ...

wish my country will be included next year ..

we won4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

I hope this not really suppose to be showing of the physics and gameplay. I just got through playing it again and I took a corner and the car was spinning wildly into the grass, I punched the gas and my cars was almost at full speed driving completely sidways and when I hit the pavement again the car was spinning like crazy. The acceleration and braking mechanics are last generation to say the least. The cocpit view feels best but the physics and driving mechanics are the worst I've seen for a game claiming to be simulation, regardless of the incar view. The visuals are average(cars are very crisp though, inside the car has really good lighting beating Forza but the interior has bad shadowing and everything has blocky jaggies).

This preview must be charity from IGN or fear. If things don't change this game will get hammered in reviews despite the carefull wording in these previews.

PirateThom4242d ago

You must be used to arcade racers, please don't play Gran Turismo again.

thereapersson4242d ago

Comment FAIL

Here, try looking at someone who actually KNOWS what they are doing while racing...

TheBand1t4242d ago

We won = Why Dis, the troll who thinks he isn't one. Ignore 'em.

we won4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

The physics are broken I was driving down the track and out of control and sliding like the way leafs or feathers fall from the sky with my car facing front and back while all this is happening. It's broken man. Stop it. Have you really played the Demo? Grow up kids

PirateThom4242d ago

we won is on damage control.

The King is back, pretenders have been shown the door.

poindat4242d ago



Bathyj4242d ago

I take it you wont be attending the GT Academy.

Steve_04242d ago

mate, either try it with a wheel or just STFU. this game is made to be played with a wheel, if you still dont want to, then at least use the right stick so you can moderate acceleration/braking a little, but if its the steering you think is rubbish, maybe thats because you're analog still has all of 10 degrees to work with.

"I just got through playing it again and I took a corner and the car was spinning wildly into the grass, I punched the gas and my cars was almost at full speed driving completely sidways and when I hit the pavement again the car was spinning like crazy."

If I played you in a game of Halo, lost 25-0, then proceded to say "the shooting mechanics are awful, Its impossible to aim, he jumps to high, etc" would you concede?

also, Bathyl. Nice. Just nice. :D

Antan4242d ago

We Won, Why Dis, Power of Green etc etc. thx for the ignore and i thinks it what? 11 ignores just from you? ROFL!!! Isn`t it funny that you call me, pirate thom and the bandit the same person, yet here we are....STILL, and yet you have been banned numerous times so you make new accounts. Of course showing them Forza shots you took while trolling the other GT thread revealed your XBL tag, which we all know back from you POG days "Harben PLII" is it? Face it, you just can`t drive..................but your tremendous entertainment.

redsquad4242d ago

"We Won" *snort* is getting all the smearing he can in now because he knows that when the finished game arrives he will look like an enormous fool.
It's simple common sense boy; GT5P looks waayyy better than the TT demo, and that was released two years ago. If your brain can't extrapolate anything from that regarding how good the final game will be then don't blame us!

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rezenu4242d ago

The demo is really good. I wish the haters would stop hating and actually try the demo instead of trashing the series.

iron_sheik4242d ago

its actually a mock up for GT academy to show off the physics engine of GT5
ofcourse the demo is half assed so you could have some haters

but definitely the final product will blow everyone away

you know it -ITS GT the biggest game of 2010