T3's Artist Concept for the PS3 Motion controller

T3: PS3 fans, do we have a visual treat for you...

"With much of the gaming world looking to 2010 as the landing date of Microsoft's gaming revolution Project Natal, it's easy to forget that rival Sony is also preparing its own Wii-inspired motion control device - the PS3 Motion controller.

Expected to launch in Spring 2010, Sony has (unsurprisingly) tried to keep details of the PS3 Motion controller under wraps, and aside from an EA executive inadvertently spurting out 'Gem' as its probable codename, they've made a very good job of keeping those vital specs a secret.

However, in true T3 style, we couldn't help but flex our visionary powers once more to conjure up what we think the 'Gem' could end up looking like. Calling on the help of our creative design friends at The Alloy (who helped bring the 01 Phone and Netpad to life), we've now realised our own take on Sony's PS3 motion controller."

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danthegardner4241d ago

need an analog stick on it. Kinda like the nub on the psp. I wonder what that big long button is for.

Bungie4241d ago

looks alot like a wiimote but with a bid ball

sinncross4241d ago

I just hope they keep the name to 'Shere' and not 'Gem'.
SPhere sounds cool, but Gem sounds kinda of lame.

Anyways, in case ppl did not read: all those pictures are conceptual from the site itself. Whether there is an analog remains to be seen.

Hellsvacancy4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Wots it supposed 2 look like a Christmas tree?

Marceles4241d ago

He'll only be happy if there was a green X on it...

kira424241d ago

I think they were adding a finger print scanner so the long button must that

happyface4241d ago

/facepalm at sony

one of the biggest gaming related failures ever?

Microsoft Xbox 3604241d ago

Damn Sony, you still got time. Add an analog stick ASAP.

RememberThe3574241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

No, thats called Natal, and it's made by Microsoft. I can understand how you could mix it up though :)

@1.11 O.o Someone need to pump the brakes. What are you going to do if Natal sucks? No PS3 fans are bagging for this thing. Your throwing all your eggs in the Natal basket. You are the only one taking this seriously and it's kind of funny to watch.

gaffyh4241d ago

These are concept renders from T3, read the article, so not official Sony renders. Just fyi.

jwatt4241d ago

The motion controller is the analog!

4241d ago
velcry4241d ago

Hi to all the above people who didn't read the article, the quote in my subject title may be informative for you.

In any case, whoever submitted the article shouldn't have had such a misleading title.

Darkstorn4241d ago

I like the design, but what's the black oval thing? Could it be a mini-touchscreen to slide your finger across?

Why o why4241d ago

gem definitely makes it sound like a sex toy

4241d ago
gokuss1220024241d ago

it appears to me that the "long button" in not a button, but actually a sensor. If I am right than that means that there will be a "analog stick" in the form of a touch sensor for you thumb. If look at the positioning of sensor, it is exactly where the analog stick would most comfortably be. I could elaborate more but I think my point is made...

I will re-post this comment for feedback.

4241d ago
Government Cheese4241d ago

I'm a bit weary if these are actually 'official'. is the same site that first claimed this slim PS3 was real too: http://www.product-reviews....

Jaces4241d ago

Looks sleek...except for that damn ball. =P

darthv724241d ago

I want to wear one of those mo-cap suits and I am betting sony probably has one they play with in the back room. Just hope they reconsider the color of the ball on top. All mo-cap stuff I seen uses silver color balls. Pink...not my bag baby.

volcane4241d ago

I think the oval bit might be a button to change the colour of the light in the sphere.

beardpapa4240d ago

I wonder which end of that wand has the vibrating motors. ;-)

Wrathman4240d ago

introducing the ps3 fleshlight add-on


oh my it looks exactly like a fleshlight if you pulled the pink bit out.lololol

GrandTheftZamboni4240d ago

Yeah, that would make an excellent neck massager for the ladies. It really only does everything:)

thesummerofgeorge4240d ago

you don't even pretend to be unbiased, you just troll any and every PS3 thread n throw negative fanboy comments with no substance or point around. It's not even genuine, it's just for the sake of beating down anything PS. Are you really that miserable, or are you just trying to get a rise out of people.

Zydake4240d ago

Well let's think out the box maybe it's a sensor where u place ur dum like u place it up your character moves up? ANY1 AGREE D=<

Cenobia4240d ago

I seem to remember from the tech demo that they changed the color on the fly. I think that will probably be a standard feature so the PS3 can differentiate different players (and maybe different hands).

4 players with 4 pink balls would be pretty hard to track (also, I doubt Testicular Cancer Anonymous play the PS3 during their meetings /pun).

uie4rhig4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

i see that sony has created a PS3Dildo! i can imagine the launch title already: "Fun Times For Woman" with on the box written.. "NEW NO MAN NEEDED THANKS TO THE NEW INNOVATIVE PS3 Dildo! WITH REAL ORGASMS!"

seriously tho? who the hell came up with such a dildo like design :/

yes 360 fans, you CAN use this to bash PS3.. only giving you this permission coz you'd do it whether i say yes or no, so might as well make it my good deed!

FYI, PS3 only gamer.. but this is really ridiculous (if you don't believe me, check my achievements (superaktieboy) vs trophies (superaktieboy)) ;)

also everyone saying no analogue stick.. the point is to remove those analogue stick.. sony wants you to buy two of them in order to be able to use two analogue sticks :/

Press_Agree4240d ago

My girlfriend will "enjoy" this toy a lot.

Sarick4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

I don't think this is the limits of the 3rd party control features Sony has planned. MS wants hands free and they much have that area covered. Sony also had the hands free capabilities and they've been working with them since early PS2 generation. The 360's have a lot of cool features but they left out one critical feature that Sony patented.

What advancement did they patent? The ability to use 3rd party toys to act as controllers. This opens up the motion sensitivity on PS3 and has several advantages over a controllerless setup. One of the biggest advantages of MS's has is the ability to discriminate a persons outline through hardware with inferred. This simplifies the software significantly under almost all lighting conditions.

The technology Sony is using will have to work around this problem without the extra hardware but there is a good side to this if they get it working fully. Any toys the gamer wishes to Incorporated into the game can be scanned and used as a controller.

Why does this matter? Well for starters the wand isn't the limit of the motion control system. Some games might not need a wand at all. Those that don't will probably have enough capability to come close to what MS is offering.

Check this link it explains the future of gaming using everyday toys. It appears to utilize the toys, hands and face as a controller. MS and Sony are headed this direction both companies have cards to play. Each have their own protected patents. They might cut a deal to trade rights to utilize each others patents and create an experience that benefits both console makers.

Take a look.

CZert4240d ago

no analog stick on it?!!! It means we cant play FPS with it. No use for me and many others then. It's "back to drawing board" from me, Sony !!!

krisq4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

...where is the wrist band?? Also, this big button can be an optical joystick.

NickIni4240d ago

It looks like a dildo.

anh_duong4240d ago

so now not only does the ps3 have motion control but also has the ability to entertain the missus when you are away..

sony taking it only does everything to another level..

The Happy Baby4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

this should spice up the bedroom activities, nicely. :)
Hope it vibrates, sure looks like it should.

No analog, but the big black button in the middle, looks like it could be some sort of touchpad/sensor, kind like the one they have on the new blackberrys(they got rid of their trackball).

4240d ago
Ateanboy4240d ago

like this concept art A LOT. It looks nice and slick.

mr mintleaf4240d ago

After all motion controls are supposed to replace analog. BUT, for a FPS game I'd like to be able to move my feet with an analog stick, like on the Wii..

I think this will be a direct copy of the Wii, but with way better and accurate sensitivity and 3d motion, like in the on stage demo a few months back..

Bits-N-Kibbles4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

Rendering are good but their concept redesign is not very good.

Button placements are not bad (wtf is middle button? start? lol - should be X)

the whole stick and ball thing thing is separated into... a stick and a ball... could have been more creative by combining the two into something more whole (yes the stick and ball method may be essential to the function but still can be rethought.)

I give it a C+

N4g_null4240d ago

Wow I know the demo was bad looking yet Sony really wants the rape the competition with a four inch e penis huh? Man these guys are making fouls of them selves stick to dual shock.

Yet these are only renders yet just imagine if Sony would have left the controller looking like a bat man weapon. it was cool for batman but not for games. I'm trying to see if Sony has ever made any thing ergo friendly.

Hell thanks to rrod xboxs Sony has a never ending fanbase of hate but wow guys at least ms does have to deal with dildo jokes. Why oh why does Sony have to be the clown of this industry? They did not have this problem with tvs. I'm sure people over at ms are poling their azzes off right now.

Sony better fix this because we all know they don't know how to make a wii sports. They've had since the ps2 to figure that out yet no luck yet.

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Blaze9294241d ago

So no analog stick huh?

Hellsvacancy4241d ago

I thought it had 2 wands, kinda assumed the other wand would hav the analog stick - guess not

RememberThe3574241d ago

I think they're going for one wand, kind of lame if you ask me. But wouldn't an analog stick defeat the purpose of the motion control?

Why o why4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

'We reckon the real thing probably won't see the light of day until the E3 games expo in June next year, but until then you can fill your boots with our concept pictures of the PS3 motion controller by clicking the link below.'


sikbeta4241d ago

Imagine Playing a FPS with the Dildo, you waggle-move left to right to point and then, how you move back and forth?

If it doesn't have an Stick, it only have one use, for playing shovelware games like:

DaTruth4240d ago

'We reckon the real thing probably won't see the light of day until the E3 games expo in June next year, but until then you can fill your boots with our concept pictures of the PS3 motion controller by clicking the link below.'

Wasn't this suppose to release early 2010! I'm pretty sure they're not launching with Natal!

Better have an analogue stick, that is all I'm saying.

PS3 owners won't accept this without an analogue stick, yet 360 owners/fanboys will accept theirs with no means of control whatsoever! You guys bring new meaning to the term fanboys!

krouse934240d ago

These are fake artist renders read the story just mock ups this is not official at all.

Cenobia4240d ago

The PS Wand without analogue sticks would be plagued by the same problems that Natal will inevitably have, no movement in 3d space. Without that, it is basically just a novelty to use in casual games.

I'm really hoping they add analogue sticks, or they'll have to win me over with some really cool innovations.

mastiffchild4240d ago

Is everyone forgetting RE5 veing played at TGS with Sony's wand? There was no wand with a built in analogue stick at all and you couldn't control 3D movement with an extra one either-no. They m,ade the guy uise a DS3's analogue but in one hand which is uncomfy for adults, impossible for kids and looks cheap as all hell. If they don't come out with a better analogue solution than what's been shown it's totally dead in the water-why would you use a DS3 AND a wand when you could JUST use the DS3?

I don't like to imagine Sony are stupidenough to go with the DS3 as their lonf term/launch answer but the nearer launch comes without anything like a Wii nunchuck being shown the more worried I get that this is easily the biggest fil in Sony's gaming history. There's seriously no chance for it without an analogue solution. It isn't Natal where they want to find full body copntrol under the aim of removing all controllers but more an accuracy improbement over what Wii offers and as a result they need a better way to move around the gameworlds while the accuracy of the wand can shine and right now they haven't shown anything which peple would go for, imo, and they need something desperately. And NOT using the DS3 in one hand as noone will adopt something so pikey.

I know these are no official picyures and totally useless but if Sony don't come up with acheap, proper analogue solution they might as well quit the MS thing as it stands right now as it's so doomed it's untrue-without even seeing whether Natal works or not.

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borgome4241d ago

It looks like a sex toy of some sort if you ask me.

4241d ago
kingjoker344240d ago

looks ok, but i hope games will not look kiddy like the wii, and the motion controlly games will actually be GOOD games, not like time passers.

stb4240d ago

calling this ´´the c´ockmote....LOOOOOOOOLLL

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Pandamobile4241d ago

Kinda looks like an ergonomic Wii-mote with a pom pom on it. Cool :P

4241d ago
JOLLY14241d ago

I used to work at a hospital and I tell you...the pink ball on top would be a perfect stopper so some out patients didn't have to go to surgery to get it taken out.