BioShock - Hands-on

Taken from the preview:

"But nothing can prepare you for actually playing BioShock... for walking its murky halls and meeting its demented denizens personally. Nothing can prepare you for the experience of this submerged nightmare up close. The world of Rapture doesn't just look scary. It is scary."

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Diselage4239d ago

This one better live up to the hype, the story has so much potential that i hope they don't blow it.

FirstknighT4239d ago

Every preview/hands-on I read gets me more and more excited for this game. EGM is calling this game one of the best games ever created. I cant wait for this beauty.

Odion4239d ago

ya i have yet to hear a single negative comment about this game except that it isn't coming out sooner!!!

tudors4239d ago

If it is going to beat the big PS3 announcment today then it will have to be amazing......Er What was the announcment again? Oh yes 'my little pony next gen MMORG'

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