FIFA 08 Gameplay Info

EA have released details on the Wii version of FIFA 08. The game has changed the camera from the common left-to-right gameplay, and instead have given us a bottom-to-top viewpoint, similar to Sensible Soccer. This is to make the controls feel easier to perform. Flick the Remote left or right to pass the ball left or right, and pull it up hard and fast to shoot at the ball - the harder you move the Remote, the more power the ball has. During a free kick, the angle the nunchuck gives the ball relevant spin. Throw-ins are done by holding the Remote and Nunchuck above your head and making a throwing motion. The Wii version also allows you to control your goalkeeper directly during the game.

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texism4741d ago

For the last time, it is "EA has" not "EA have." When you refer to EA, it is collective and you are referring to the company as one. Damn! Don't you people even know how to write?