Double the memory for next iPhone/iPod Touch

It seems that every time that Apple has upgraded the iPod or iPhone product lines, one of the most important feature announcements from them is that they will be adding more storage space. In the case of the iPhone and all of the iPods, except the hard drive based classic, this storage is added using NAND flash memory.

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ryhanon3858d ago

Down a shot everytime the article says "likely".

cmacdonald3858d ago

That's actually quite funny!

toaster3858d ago

Almost passed out after 8 shots....

Still, 126Gb is definitely a lot for an iPod Touch.

Reibooi3858d ago

Well I could care less about the Ipod touch. But I would like to see a Zune HD with 128gigs. I would buy that in a heartbeat. I'm hoping that MS announces a bigger Zune HD soon.

likedamaster3857d ago

Yeah, the Zune HD is quite impressive. Hopefully, along with 128gb space, the new iPhone/iPod will come with the same HD output as Zune.

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LeGenDx3858d ago

i love it, i just wish i had internet on it

ReBurn3858d ago

All you need is a WiFi connection. I love my iPod touch.

likedamaster3857d ago

All you need is a wireless router. You do have internet right?

By the way, 3G for ipods stand for 3rd Generation, while 3G on iPhones stands for the wireless technology used in cellphones today.

3857d ago