Red Bull Branded Games on the Way

FreeStyleGames today announced a "ground-breaking worldwide partnership" with the energy drinks company "to create interactive content from concept to final product"

The partnership will focus on the new consoles, "offering immersive, entertaining and social experiences," a FreeStyleGames statement just in, informs us.

Chris Lee, Commercial Director of FreeStyleGames (pictured right) commented, "This partnership goes way beyond the in-game advertising deals seen in videogames to date. It's important to stress that we're working hand in hand to co-develop and design compelling, triple A titles that will be a true reflection of the Red Bull energy drink brand, as well as great, original gaming experiences in their own right."

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Diselage4805d ago

After Burger King you knew a few others were going to have try stuff like this.

DrPirate4805d ago

I read the summary and in my head I just gave a loud resounding "WHAT!?!?!"

This is insane.