IGN: MLB 10: The Show First Look

IGN writes: "It was only a month ago that the Yankees were parading through Manhattan in an explosion of ticker tape, celebrating their World Series victory. But when you want to be the best you can't afford to waste any time looking backwards. And so it was that Sony officially unveiled MLB 10: The Show at a special preview event in New York."

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kornbeaner4242d ago

If Sony could only get a studio to make this type of high level game for Football, BasketBall and Hockey, it would be the best thing ever. It would cause EA and 2k to up there game to try to match.

chisox1004242d ago

MLB 09 was awesome but i don't think i played it as much as I should have. So here the hope that some arcade stuff is added like Home Run Derby, spray chart hitting, etc. On top of that i want MLB Network accessible on the game....since i don't have Dish I ant watch MLB Network. Oh and make sure there is NOT A YANKEE on the cover.

I would nominate:
Joe Mauer
Gordon Beckham
Hanley Ramiriz
James Loney

kalistyles4242d ago

Sports game of the year 2010. Oh and Joe Mauer is on the cover.